Progress Against All Odds

I finished my copy of “How to Write Ebooks for a Living” and began my book. The first attempt vanished into thin air but the second attempt is going nicely and using the online word processor I email myself portions all along. The Table of Contents can be automatically put in when I finish it by simply marking my headings for it!!! I love that feature since my writing is free flowing. There is also a feature that will allow me to do my title page, I’m hoping the title comes to me by the end of the book.

And my kid is adding material for the next one as I type this. First things first, one book at a time. This is working out nicely. My phone is not getting answered to prevent having to put money on it until I am ready. There is enough time on it for an emergency. I can access my book from anywhere since it is online!! I like that, in the meantime I am writing articles to get a payday until it is done. I am going to have to market it myself but that’s fine. I plan to write this one and have it published I hope by the end of the year but the end of January definitely. I plan to write at least six in 2011. I have ideas in my head so they will be put on paper. I think a couple children’s books will fit too.

Well, I have to get back to work. I’m checking the local sales papers online. I figured out that I do better at the store alone with the kid than with anyone else. I tried taking a friend to the store but it was like she was purposely attempting to blow my budget for the month. She was hyper and wouldn’t shut up.


That’s what it is all right. There will not be a holiday dinner in this house, instead it is just a day like any other with laundry and dishes to be done. Once that is done there are still baby clothes to box up for a friend that is about to have a little girl. I have tons of small baby blankets that are simply taking up room in her dressers but are no longer used. I still have to print proofs out for the recent applications that are to be filled out.

I am updating Dazed and Confused on a regular basis, I like it’s layout. Eventually I want to move these other three over there as archives to have it all in one place and simply redirect everything over there. That is going to be a long time consuming process so I think one post at a time, or a couple a day will get it all done eventually. I am tired but that’s besides the point.
My vacation is truly a working vacation. So I best get back to it. 

Setting Goals

Recent turmoil with myfinances caused me to have to re-evaluate my financial goals and needs. Thecomputer tore up putting me out of work for two weeks, the brakes went out onthe car I was driving and the well is having issues. I realized too late that Iwas broker than I thought since I had recently closed my savings account. Ineed $50 to reopen it. That sounds like a small amount but there are childrenexpecting Christmas. So what am I going to do?
I have been boiling water todissolve the rest of my homemade laundry detergent in the kitchen sink in orderto watch my child’s school uniforms. She has just enough to get her through thefour day week she goes until Nanna gives her Christmas which includes moreuniforms for school. I am trying to cut down on my utility bill so that we comeup under budget next October when the settle up bill is due. The current budgetamount is $245 a month which is what the average utility bill ran during thelast year. So far this household is just over $96 under budget which is a goodway to start the new budget billing year, however there are some problems withthis scenario as last year the first light bill of the new year (2011) was over$400 and the settle up bill was over $400 as well because that was not the onlyhigh bill that we received.
I have begun to turn thetelevision off in the living room while I work and everyone goes into anotherroom to watch a smaller television set. The heat is not working as well as Iwould like. I woke up one morning to find we had a freeze and it was barelyfifty degrees in my house with the heat on and working as hard as it could workto help make up for it to no avail. That means that I have to find analternative heating source or find someone to fix the duct work. I do not havea few thousand dollars lying around so a safe alternative is in my future. I amglad that I purchased a new battery for my lap top so that I am no longerconnected to power all day long. The portable device means no separate powerfor the modem so that is a tiny bit less electricity used, if only it would usesolar power to charge I could work outside.
What were the goals that Iset this time?
1. $50 and reopen the savingsaccount.
2. stop spending small changeand place it in my change jar to place into the savings account when it isfull.
3. replace my Rodeo withsomething smaller and more economical. (Gas is over $3 a gallon and it onlygets 15 miles to the gallon.)
4. Buy some clothes thatdon’t make me look homeless in the event that I am forced back out into thereal world as it is known to work.
Well, that’s all for now. Ihave articles demanding that I write them so I’m going to go get back to it. 

Time of the Holidays Once Again

It is once again time for the holidays which means that I have to smile and deal with relatives. Not just any relatives but In-Laws. Hopefully with the pending divorce this will be the last year that I am forced to do this. I have never been found of them but I figured the man I married would stand up to them and make them show respect, at least when they are standing in MY home. Wrong. 

I knew when I married him that I did not like my future in-laws. I also knew that I was not in love with him but he appeared to love me and I thought in time I might be able to love him. I was wrong and it’s not fair to him. The illusion I have created is hurting everyone involved. 

Well, I’m supposed to be working so I’ll get back to it. 

It Ain’t Easy

No one ever said that life was easy but it doesn’t have to be so obvious all the time. I don’t remember the last time things went the way they should. The highlight of my day was coming home from picking up the baby from school and discovering a job offer. I may or may not get it depending on whether or not they agree to cover the fee that’s taken out of the final payment but that’s all right too. I must say them accepting the proposal would take a bit of stress off of me for next month and make it a smaller amount of money that I have to come up with.

I heard some wonderful news when I picked the baby up from school today. She is more vocal. She opinions that she’s not afraid to share and like me the teacher loves the talking but isn’t always sure that she likes what she has to say. I’m glad that I’m not the only one.

I managed four articles this morning before I ever went to pick her up and a load of laundry. I also updated another one of my blogs, began this and another blog posting and managed to take a minute to talk to a couple friends. All and all the day is going rather productively. The kiddo was a bit confused this morning but in the end it all worked out. Well, so far it has we still have therapy to go. It’s at 1:30 so I got to get the kid dressed so we can leave in a few.

Wish List

I used to make a wish list on an almost daily basis and edit it every time I got paid. Sometimes I marked off the things I had gotten and left it alone. More often than not I would mark off the things I got and rewrite the list adding something else. I stopped making the list long before I got everything on them. It was something to occupy my time and let me see that I was actually working for something. I stopped making those lists a long time ago.

Now it seems I need to make those “wish lists” again but for a different reason this time. There are bills to pay off and a divorce would be at the top of that list this time.  A divorce that I can’t afford or even think of affording until all of the debt my dear husband (can you feel the sarcasm?) has caused.

OK I’m off to update two more blogs and write the wish list over again.