Money Left??

OK I managed to take a look at the budget today. I figured the bills and only the bills to be $472; I didn’t include hubbies child support because that would be his expense alone. The only one that he actually has since nothing is in his name except the court order that was put into the divorce for child support. That figure was below my reliable monthly income but there is another problem.

The figure I got didn’t include putting gasoline in the car, cutting the grass or buying supplements. It didn’t include household necessities either. That’s not the only problem with the budget but it is a big problem. I’d love to reopen my savings account that was depleted over the summer months.

I wrote out the bills I had in front of me and paid one online. I paid the Internet bill online at no extra charge. I wrote a check for my auto insurance and light bill. My auto insurance was $42.14 this month, last month it was $57.23. If I’d been able to pay it off for the full six months it’d have been at least $100 less than I’ll end up paying by paying it each month but I just couldn’t come up with the full $250 I think it was this time.

OK I’m going back to figure out if I will ever have money left again.