Long Week

It’s been a bit of a long week here with everyone getting back into their routines. Theresa has had the easiest time since she thrives on routines. We managed to get to therapy on time without incident this week; we even managed to go to a parent teacher conference. Theresa answered questions using pictures and got them all correct. She refused to talk because they were trying to show me how well she does with them.

Today we have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up one of her prescriptions when we get out of therapy. She’ll hopefully get a B-12 shot today. She’s not happy getting them but the results are great. I feel guilty about her getting stuck so often but she’s making great progress and I have to make sure all of her levels are monitored to ensure she’s not having any negative effects.

The food diary I started for her needs some serious work. I keep forgetting to fill it in. I guess I’m just going to have to make a sign for the “helpful” grandparents informing them that the “helpful grand-parenting” isn’t appreciated; especially when they’re refusing to respect my beliefs the way they usually do.

OK it’s time to go to therapy so I’ll be going for now. The weekend is here!! I get to work through it once again but that’s OK too.