Almost done with the Christmas shopping

Yesterday afternoon Theresa went to the clinic where she gets therapy from 1pm until 5pm so we could do the Christmas shopping. We got Theresa and my oldest their presents, the oldest of all three we have no idea what we are to get her. Theresa’s birthday present was gotten too. Now to figure out what’s for her birthday and what’s Christmas. My oldest got a card for her birthday and we managed to find one thing so far we can give her for Christmas. She’s rather difficult to buy for.

I’m worried she won’t like it. She’s always polite but I always get the feeling that she’s not satisfied with her gifts. Without tags I’m trying to make sure I wrap her gift last so I can keep it away from Theresa’s and grab it quickly when we go to take it to her. I managed to get all but Theresa’s bubbles wrapped and I can’t find a box to put them in. I could have sworn I had a bunch of boxes, I guess they’ll go in a bag for her birthday along with the largest puzzle I bought her.

I have to vacuum the floor but I’m tired and it has to be cleaned up first. This is getting old. I made another bucket of laundry soap this morning with two bars of soap and it’ll be ready tomorrow morning or the next day at the latest. I have a load of jeans to wash in the morning and dishes to wash now. OK I’m going to figure out what work I need to be doing.