First Day of School!

At least it’s the first day of school for the hubby, the baby doesn’t go back until the 25th if I decided to leave my decision for Head Start alone. I still have time to send her back to PHP which is only a half a day. We don’t have speech this week unless something happens to change that. We do have our occupational therapy and ABA therapy this week. The OT was attempting to put her permanently at 2pm on Tuesdays because we have speech at 1:30 that day which we’re attempting to change. Wednesday we have ABA from 1 to 2 that afternoon. I have to talk to the ABA therapist about available schedule changes that day but she told me that she’s pretty full.

I now get about two hours a day alone total. Gene only works 15 hours a week and is supposed to be searching for full time work. I’m still wondering when the search will begin exactly. I’m not certain but I think he’s home so much to stay up my rear so I can’t have a life without him whining when I go somewhere without him. I don’t like taking him places he doesn’t act like he has the sense that he was born with when we do. It’s irritating as it can be. Maybe it’s just me being over critical or maybe it’s a sign that I should have filed for divorce long ago. Personally I think it’s a sign that once again I married the wrong man. I don’t have any feelings left for him and I’ve told him but he refuses to hear me.

Well, that’s getting a bit too personal if I go on so I’ll be going for now. Until tomorrow I intend to just bury myself in as much work as a four year old will allow and ignore him.

Theresa’s Well Now!

We missed therapy yesterday because Theresa was sick. This morning she’s fine and watching cartoons until time to go to therapy. I’m tired but there is still a lot to do. I managed to wash a load of laundry this morning and hang it up in the back. The lawnmower is out of gas and I don’t have the money at the moment to buy any more so I need to

Next week’s therapy is up in the air, at least the speech portion is because of the medicaid having to be transferred to a new company. The ABA isn’t covered anyway and the Occupational therapy is already with the company that it’s staying with so those two aren’t going to have to be changed at all. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we’re all set, the rest of the week I have no idea.

The following week we have either a call or a visit from the new teacher scheduled for the 22nd or 23rd because that’s the day that they do them. The 24th is registration from 8am until noon at the school, if we do the home visit we don’t need to go to the registration at least that’s what I remember being told. Thursday school starts so I have no idea what we’re going to be doing. I’m so confused that it’s not even funny. That Friday is the last day for me to earn cash back on gas.

Blog postings are the only thing I feel like writing lately so that’s what I’ll be doing. Keeping blogs updated could be considered my full time job since I actually have four although I’m not sure why.

Well, the baby feels better and I’m running short on time so I’m gonna be going now.