Searching for change to make it until payday

Well, this afternoon I found myself searching frantically for change. I managed to find $1.40, which is better than nothing. The problem? It was for gas which is $2.69 a gallon at the nearest gas station. That mean that since the low fuel light is on we’ll be cutting it awfully close. Hubby gets paid tomorrow which is good they could make them wait until after the holiday. Of course at the moment I’m just hoping that he’ll make it home and back to get his check without running out of gas.

Out of this check he has to make a deposit in the overdrawn bank account and pay at least $55 worth of child support. I’ll be keeping closer track of it this time, he has to pay arrears too as soon as we can in order to catch it up and have it reevaluated. The fact that it should have been done a long time ago is one I’ll leave alone. When you make an average of $100 a week $55 is a bit high for child support.

I haven’t gotten much work done lately. I’ve blogged a lot but other than that I’ve not done much else. I wrote a couple reviews this week that are pending. I’ve got a few left to finish.