More Done by 9am than All Week and I Was Supposed to Sleep In

Well I was planning on sleeping in today. Instead the morning sunshine woke me at 6 this morning. By 9 this morning I had done the dishes, sadly enough from yesterday and started a load of laundry. I even cleaned both litter boxes, took out some trash, got Theresa up (after I washed my hands). I gave Theresa breakfast and her supplements before I ever got her father up. Actually I managed to vacuum the part of the carpet that I mopped last night. I took pictures of it and did some before of a couple spots so I can post them when I get it all done.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be moving the furniture by myself to get the entire carpet mopped. I’m sticking to the bathroom first since it’s tiny and I don’t feel like ripping up the rest of the carpet in there to expose the linoleum. Actually since the carpet around the tub is the only part that can’t be gotten up I think I will finish ripping up the bathroom carpet since part of it’s ruined. Then I can start mopping the bedroom, once I find the piece needed to seal the carpet at the bathroom door.

I managed to make some laundry detergent today. It doesn’t look right but I love the Zote bar to hand wash delicates. It actually makes suds! I got to get a life but the weekends are my rest time. Sort of the week is full of therapy appointments and next week the cats go to the vet.

Sylvester and Salem are getting rabies shots and neutering Monday. They can’t eat after midnight tomorrow so I’m gonna have to crate the cats to keep them out of the food and the garbage. (Sylvester’s the only one that gets in the garbage and jumps on the counters.) I have to have them there between 6:30 and 8:15.

It’s my turn to set up the coffee pot, since I got to take a nice long nap today I guess I can go ahead and do that.