First Day with the New Speech Schedule was Theresa’s first day having speech at 1:30 in the afternoon instead of 10 in the morning. She handled the change fairly well. We focused on potty training this morning, it didn’t go as well as I would have liked but it went OK. She can’t tell you she has to go, her communication isn’t that advanced yet. The change to the schedule means that someone is now home at all times!! There isn’t any need to worry about anything at all.

I didn’t get much work done with the change today but I did get the laundry folded and Theresa had a hot lunch. When we got home I managed to wash a load of clothes and hang them in the spare bedroom. I saw a tiny washing machine the other day it was cute but wouldn’t work for my purposes unless in an emergency.

I’m looking at the mess Theresa made in the floor as I worked today. I have to pick it all up before the vacuum can see it to keep from tearing it up. Theresa will be taking some chips and Scooby snacks to school with her in the morning.