Memorial Day Means the End of School

Today we celebrate all those that gave all they had to ensure our freedom. Today for me also means that there is only one day of preschool left for my little one this year. There is no summer speech for Theresa this year from the school. The speech therapist sent home a speech packet and the teacher sent home some a packet with worksheets and mini books to make in it. That should do us about a week before I’m back to printing out my own for her.

One of her three therapists (she has five during the school year) that see her year round is a half page behind because she doesn’t listen if she’s in a hurry. I gave her some of the worksheets and she copied them after saying something about so I could do them at home. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize I have my own pages to go over with the child and I was trying to get her to focus more on academics than teaching my child to be a mimicking monkey. My biggest pet peeve is that people usually don’t ask they just assume that if it’s something they would let their child have then your child can have it too.

I have to work, watch the kid, take her to therapy and some how keep my house from looking like the city dump. I may be behind on more than one of those fronts. My other half is off for the summer and supposed to be finding a job to make it through it. I’m really hoping that he is going to find one because with the blows to my income we’re going to need him to have a job year round to take the sting out of it.