New Year’s Eve

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions once again. I won’t be making any this year, they annoy me to no end. I prefer to go through my day without telling myself what I did wrong.

So far the New Year is promising to be costly. Of all the things that I can put off until later, my well is not one of them. It would be in need of a new tank, and that means I get to rearrange my financial plans for the year. My emergency fund gets top priority, then the divorce and the new car. The tank even with installation is cheaper than hooking up to the city water line. First I’d have to buy a meter then I’d have to run pipes. I don’t particularly feel like taking a shovel and digging trenches to lay them in, so we deal with the water shutting off even after the circuit thingy was replaced.

There is a lot to do during the year that is coming up. The new tank for the well means that I get to re-figure my finances for the year to come. I am still working out the budget for next year.

I’ll also be getting my eye exam at some point since I’m a bit over due on it. I would be off to research my new interest. It’s rather important that I do so Have a good day and a Happy New Year.

One Appointment and Housework

OK the OT is working and we have a 9a.m. appointment. I’m not looking forward to it but I know little one needs to go back to some sort of structured therapy. I could use this last day of vacation but I wasn’t thinking when the therapist called and agreed to go in today.

Housework and No paying Work

The agenda calls for housework and not actual paying work today. Yesterday I was surprised to find that the feet on kid’s sleepers came cleaner when I hand washed them they have out of my washing machine in months. I don’t particularly enjoy the possibility of having to wash all my clothes by hand but that would be easier than dragging it all to the laundromat. My water keeps shutting off and there is not any way to figure out what’s wrong with it without time to think.

I feel like a housewife again, and I never cared for that feeling. I’m not sure why but there is something about that title. Or maybe it’s the prejudgments and assumptions that go with it. I do not feel the need to pick up behind grown men so that makes me a sloppy housekeeper while in reality they should be able to perform basic functions of cleaning for themselves.

Now it’s time to go find more cleaning and some mindless things to clear my head. I need to fill in my appointment book but that can wait.

Not Much to Do

It’s strange that I do not have a lot to do. I have one article to do today, a diary page to work on and some house work. I am at the moment updating the last blog of the day. I have laundry to do and things to print for the short person who is still refusing to sit down to do anything other than puzzles.


We have an occupational therapy appointment in the morning. I’m not looking forward to interrupting the vacation but I am looking forward to little bit doing something that she enjoys. We will finding new ways to teach math so that she learns to write her numbers. Math is a skill that she will need, organization and putting her toys away are already there somewhat so we’re part way there.

Requested too early!

I requested one of my payouts too early this month and did not give everything time to credit. That’s fine too.  It simply means that the next payout will be larger than I thought it would be so it will be a plus. I am happy about the additional funds being delayed until after the first of the year. I have to go back to work to get more payout requests up to where they need to be.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful New Year but I doubt that it will be.

I’m a Reality Check

After a day of being held hostage by Disney puzzles I am glad to be doing something relaxing. OK I was reading my comments and found that there was something for me over at Momma’s Money Matters. It would seem that I am the reality check among her list of blogs.

OK let’s see I need seven secrets revealed and fifteen blogs. Well, as close to 15 as I can come. So here goes. Let’s start with the secrets..

1. I married a murderer and never knew it.

OK here goes I was 19 the first time I got married. He was fresh out of prison (yes alarm bells yada, yada). Well, after a brief marriage (a year and a half by the time I got my divorce restraining order included) he ended up in prison for property crimes. Again. While in prison he confessed to a murder that occurred back while I was in high school. He now sits on death row. Do I want to believe he is innocent and was under duress as he later claimed? Yes. Do I believe that he is capable of murder? With all that I hold dear.

2. The best advice I ever got was “It does not get better, if you do not leave he will kill you.

See number one, murder, restraining order. Fill in the blanks. I refuse to live in fear.

3. I believe Christmas has been turned into a commercialized hypocritical holiday.

Think about it, at Christmas time there is an increase in charitable donations and more visibility to organizations to feed and cloth those that do without. Even toys are donated in abundance. While giving is all fine and well, even giving much needed relief to some it becomes more visible at Christmas. I’m not sure if it’s the feelings of the season or the fact that it’s the season to celebrate Christ’s birth that gets people to give with a big show but there are people in need all year. It would seem to me that there are those that believe giving at this particular time of year when they would merely step over those in need as if they were merely pieces of trash that had dared to litter the sidewalk because they have some belief that they are being taken one step closer to heaven.

4. My favorite song= George Jones, “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

There is a beautiful story of love that lasted to the grave. It always reminds of me the friend that I still hold dearest to my heart even though he has been gone 17 years and 4 months by his own hand. I now know that sometimes the smallest details that we sometimes think of as insignificant can reveal the world to us.

5. I am a boot whore.

I’m referring to those things you wear on your feet. They are my footwear of choice. The pair I lust after are thigh high with a three inch heel. Sadly they are out of my price range still so I lust after them from afar just waiting until something happens to drop them in my lap and allow me to rationalize the $200 purchase.

6. I hate shopping but love spending money.

Strange I know but I don’t care for shopping. I do enjoy spending money and have been known to panic spend. You know where money starts to get tight and you start to buy everything you possibly can before the money runs out for fear of running out of it.

7. Autism is a Miracle in my life.

I have a now five year old Autistic daughter that I have learned more from that I ever learned in school. In her world there is only truth and it is usually simple and straight forward. She does not know how to lie. She also attracts angels that have made my life easier. She is also smarter than a number of grown folks I know.

OK my favorite blogs, lets see here and in no particular order. (Yes I know there are not 15.)

I Have Tried It– Thanks to Momma I stumbled across this blog about saving money and so far I have enjoyed it a great deal.

Annienygma– Annie lives what she preaches so she can stay at home with her youngest daughter even though she is a single parent.

Notes From Here– an honest look at daily life

Well, heavens that’s only three which means I need to find the time to read more because I’m sure there are more in my cluttered mind.

Vacation is Almost Over

Almost back to routine

There are only a few days left of our vacation and I am rather sad to see it end. Friday we have an appointment at the health department, I do not look forward to it. It could just be me but I have always found them to be a bit offensive. The 2nd of January we have an appointment for little ones five year check up. She will be having her vitamin D levels checked again. We also go back to therapy that afternoon. The 5th little one goes back to school one day and doesn’t return until the following Monday.

Why make lists?

I make list because it makes my life easier but what good does it do to make lists for others when they don’t bother read them. Or is it that they can’t read? My child’s grandparents would make me wonder about their senses sometimes. I am still trying to figure out how 12-24 piece puzzles translate to a 46 piece 3 foot puzzle that she hasn’t gotten to yet. To little bit’s credit she got far less frustrated at it than I did. Sitting in the floor with the pieces that are bigger than my hand trying to match them to the Disney princess they belong to gave me the biggest headache and of course it is what she asked for first thing. There is not enough coffee for someone with extra weight to sit in the floor and go “does this go there” a few dozen times as tiny hands refuse to turn pieces to see if they’ll go another way. My visual child refused to even glance at the box for the picture instead relying on her memory of how it should look when finished. Problem is puzzles never resemble the picture before half done.


Is it time to return to forced structured therapy we have the “HWT” workbooks to copy pages from (thanks to last Christmas or the year before). I purchased homework helpers Kindergarten level for “Letters and Writing” and First Words” so she can write on the lines like they do with the tablets so she can trace the letters. The tablets are still on my list, I’m wondering if I can’t print them out from my printer. That reminds me I would need to stock up on ink cartridges and refill ink since you can only refill them so many times.

Well, I have some work to do and a child to coral to a table to do structured learning. She learns best when she can move but the school system insists that children sit down to prevent teachers from pulling there hair out. I would be a bit sad that at the end of this school year we will no longer have preschool teacher. I adore the preschool teacher. Her daughter has Downs syndrome, this woman always smiles, never raises her voice and never lets words children should not learn escape her lips. Strangely enough I’m told she’s always like that and that is not simply her teacher personality. I will miss her because she knows that even though she is a special education teacher her students have endless possibilities but are just in need of a little extra attention and guidance to bring it out of them.


Peaceful is the only way to describe today even though I was woken up by the unmistakable sound of thunder. It would seem I slept through the worse part though and for that I am glad. My nerves can not stand being awake during the worse of the storms.

Little one has yet to open her presents, she hasn’t even figured out what she wants for breakfast yet. Instead she yelled for me “mommy, mommy time to get up” and when I got her out of her crib she went straight to a book after her morning “thank you mommy.” After reading a book or two and putting together her latest puzzle she is not playing with one of her electronic toys to find letter sounds.

I’m not even irritated that my water has once again shut itself off in the middle of my laundry and before I can do the dishes. I will simply wait until her father gets here to fix it to finish and we will once again attempt to figure out what is wrong with it and I’ll start figuring out how big of a dent in my wallet an electrician is going to take to fix it permanently in the event that it is electrical.


I’m still not sure if this was an insult or intended as a complement. Then again it could have been just to irritate me. I gained this lovely title as I was toting buckets of water from one bathroom to the other. (Between the two of them I have one fully functional bathroom). I’d love two fully functional bathrooms but there are some more pressing repairs to be done at the moment that I apparently get to do redneck style. Heavens help me and thank heavens for paint so maybe in a few years no one will notice. At the moment there is no running water until my child’s father gets home so I will be suffering through that until he gets back from his errand.

No Heat

It is 65 degrees in here according to my thermostat and the heat is off. It doesn’t feel that chilly and I’m sure the thermostat is off a bit. I am not turning the heat on again until someone tells me what is wrong with it for sure. It should not kick off and refuse to come back on before the desired temperature is reached. Of course the duct work should not be falling off under the place either, and the skirting is long gone. That might not bother me except for the people that would tell me to replace it as if it never dawned on them that if I had the money to spend a few thousand dollars on duct work or the money for skirting that blew off during storms it would have been done already.

The only heat in the house at the moment comes from a small ceramic heater that would be reserved for the bathroom to warm it up for baths. It’s bringing back memories of my childhood and the electric heater that sat under the sink to warm the bathroom for me to get ready for school in the mornings. I can remember sitting on the floor with my back against the door in front of the heater to warm up before I ever attempted to get in the shower, I can also remember getting in trouble for leaving the water running so long. I had a habit of using steam from the shower to get the room hotter. I don’t like being cold and I was a child.

I have to do something for the air in the summer, that may be the first goal to go with my new car.

What do I need in a car? 

I need something with less than 100,000 miles, I have rough on vehicles. I know I can’t afford one under warranty. I’d like the tires to be fairly new. Ok so that’s knit picky but really I don’t have money for tires right now. I would love it to need nothing more than a minor tune up and not be on a recall list for something life threatening. I’d love it if it got at least 30 miles to the gallon.

OK I have to go condense more things that are half used to make room for things I may actually need.

Only a Birthday to Go!

OK so as usual there was nothing normal about the holiday that just passed. It is now a forbidden word in this house until this time next year.  Long story, just take my advice and hope all exes evaporate into dust the moment you break up. Anyway.

Five All Ready??

Tomorrow the little one turns five. She has a few presents to open and due to a slight oversight on my part her cake will be late. She already had a carrot cake this month that she ate almost the entire thing by her tiny 3 foot, 35 pound self. So my little angel will be rather surprised when she finds a decorated cake one afternoon after school. Well, you ever tried to decorate a child’s cake as they attempt to eat the icing off of it and take out big chunks with tiny fingers? OK so maybe I want to delay her realizing she’s five. Tomorrow morning by the time she gets out of bed she will be a five year old.

Experiment Is Starting Early

Thanks to my heat refusing to cooperate and cutting itself off then not coming back on for me today I simply flipped the switch and left it off. Last time I turned a central unit off and left it off I managed to get a $50 light bill. (My light bill is currently on budget billing for $245 a month, it’s easier right now to know how much it is each month.) My water is still having tantrums. The part was replaced on the well but there is still something wrong so it keeps cutting itself off. So when my soon to be ex took a bath this afternoon, I poured up approximately 14 gallons of water out of it and put it in two five gallon buckets and my mop bucket to flush the toilet with.

Now in the event the well cuts off in the middle of the night there is no need to run outside. (I have water to wash my hands bottled separately.) OK not ideal but it saves a trip outside in the cold and the well doesn’t run as much. Lovely, not my idea of fun but it’ll work.

When the light bill gets here I’ll know the total amount of under budget I am. This month I think it was only $10 under and I need the total. I could really use a month without a light bill instead of another settle up bill. The goal is to not have a large bill due the month that the actual amount of the bill plus any overages have to be paid but to have at least one month without a light bill.

Moving On

Now that the holiday is over, all the decorations off the tree and it has been retrieved from it’s landing spot in the front yard it can go back in the box. Yes, it is early but well, I don’t think it’ll survive if it doesn’t get put back away since I have already thrown it out the front door once.

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day. Yesterday saw the need for a plumber and an electrician that never materialized, a small fire and a little blonde kid more interested in playing educational games than opening gifts. That means that it will be today. I also started reading a new blog.

“I tried It” and so far it’s pretty interesting. Although I have to read all of it. I am curious to see how much I know and don’t know for my upcoming experiment. I know that I have to take an inventory of what I’ve got, I’m known for buying things I already have and impulse purchases just to make myself feel better. I have gotten better about it over the years.

Just how big do people think babies are?

I ask this because my youngest child is turning five in a few days and I still have unopened bottles of baby lotion because I got enough for triples as gifts at the baby shower. I also have a lot of baby powder that I have no idea what to do with since I do not use baby powder on babies. (It’s my fear, and I’m OK with it.)  Now diapers, I could have used more of. Do you know that cloth diapers are a treasure hunt for parents that want to use them? My child was in the pull-up phase before I found cloth diapers. While I have an environmental caring side I have to say that if I had lived in a time before disposable diapers I would have gone crazy. How do you deal with that when you are out?? Baby wipes are a must (yes, I realized they haven’t always existed) and so are zipping storage bags for accidents while we are out. There are some smells I don’t want in her backpack.

Shopping Habits

I’ve been to thrift stores, problem is there is rarely anything in my size. While this may sound snobby I don’t care. I have a confession. I can not and will not wear used shoes. Shoes while they have been limited in my closet the past few years to bedroom slippers, tennis shoes (makes running after little people easier) and one pair of black knee high zippered boots that I adore are a personal choice. They have to be broken in to fit the foot and getting that glove like fit after someone else has gotten them to the point of comfortable is next to impossible.

My earrings, they’re limited to a couple pair that I bring out occasionally to prevent the holes from closing up. A habit I developed after getting one knocked out of my ear, and having a tiny person around that likes shiny things means I would rather not risk having them ripped out. I will treat myself to some more earrings soon though.  I do need some foundation before I begin my experiment just in case I need to wear it somewhere.

First Things First

I need to replace my Rodeo. The windshield has a crack that is getting wider, it needs a set of tires, plugs, wires, filters (yes I know a little maintenance saves a lot of money) and the engine is tapping. Now it’s a 1994 model with almost 180,000 miles on it. Yes I know that is good mileage for the fact that it is 17 years old. It also gets approximately 15 miles to the gallon in town which is where the majority of my appointments and errands take me. I think I’ll need the help of a tax refund to do this since I can not handle and do not want a car payment. I’ve only had two and then that was at a used car lot with a buy here pay here plan. I managed to pay those off in a couple months. I’ve been looking at replacements for a while and well those numbers don’t look so hot.

Home Repairs

I would love someone to fix my central air and heating unit. The duct work needs replacing so it’s using a bit more energy than it should as it’s not working adequately. I mean there is a space heater in my bathroom to warm it up enough for the kiddo to get her baths. It is cold in there. There is some siding that needs replacing, I do dread having to go buy a ladder that I get to climb on.

OK  it’s time to go. I have to find a pen and paper, which reminds me I need to stop with the notebooks.

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve, just what will today bring? Presents opened and too much food eaten or is that tomorrow? Today would be ideal to open presents since the 27th (two days after Christmas) is the youngest birthday. She’ll be opening again.

I’m glad and not glad that my kids birthdays are in December. They each get two separate days but the past few years the gifts have gotten to be fewer and fewer on each day. I’m hoping they take it as an opportunity to learn that there are more important things in life.

Oh, well. It is now time to go see what the day will hold.

An Experiment

Do we really need all those things we think that we do?

I wonder. I think I’ll try a small experiment in 2012. I think I’ll see just how many things I can live without. I mean those machines they say are a must and that make our lives easier seem to take a lot away from us. What in the world is this insane person talking about? I’m talking about all those machines that are grandparents spent most of their lives doing without. The dishwasher ( I still don’t own), washing machines and clothes dryers (mine hasn’t worked in forever), among other things. Now my computer that is the exception, I work on it and that makes it a necessity. But there are other items that I can do with out.

Really Won’t Notice

I won’t notice a lack of dishwasher or clothes dryer since I already live without them. I use a bar soap for dishes (sensitive hands) so the liquid I do not miss. My clothes are hung to dry come rain or shine but what about the washing machine? I am on a mission to spend less and I think my little experiment will help. I think that it is past time to simplify and wash most (if not all my laundry) by hand. This is going to be interesting.

Household Items??

Well, that’s the tricky part. The little one is big enough for bar soap which lasts so much longer than the baby and body washes but still needs baby/kid’s shampoo and conditioner. Baking soda- you can wash your hair with it…..would I need a hair cut first to get all of it? I mean it is past my shoulders and rather thick so just how well would that work? I am planning to do some, most laundry by hand out of self defense just to keep it from piling up. I do need a couple things to make it possible to do all the laundry by hand. You know like a scrub board and a wringer for heavier items. Trips to the laundromat are avoided although I have considered them for comforters because my machine is so small.

I love my books, my kid needs books but can we get by with less books? Cleaning supplies? I have some to use up. I haven’t done windows in years I need a bottle of vinegar and some old newspaper….I don’t buy newspapers.

What else can I get rid of and cut back during the new year?

I think a trip back in time is going to be what this is. The television can be turned off a lot more. Therapy is more important. The little one gets therapy supplies, since she is gaining an increased attention span I think that we’ll focus on craft lessons. My walls are bare and in need of decoration. We can use the crafts for math, reading, spelling and following directions.

Savings. Just how much money can I save this year? Will I have any of it left by the end of 2012? I hope so, broke is getting old. I’d like to retire before I push up daisies.