Almost all the bills are paid!

Well, almost all of the bills in my name anyway! I have to payout $20, $21.80 and $21.80 the rest of this month. I’ve still got to buy the fish oil however. I keep forgetting. The rest of my bills total $ $63.60! That’ll leave a little bit of money to get the girls Christmas and Theresa’s birthday present. I’m thinking we’ll skip the party again this year. It’s a hassle and we have therapy the 23rd so I won’t have all the time off that I thought I would. Oh well, I can still get plenty of housework and work work done during the time we do have off.

Tomorrow we go to the grocery store. I got paid a day early and we need food. Not to be rude but if I got rid of the overgrown toddler I’d spend 1/4 of what I spend now and have enough groceries to last the month in one trip. I’ve got to pick up a couple bars of Octagon to have on hand for when I need to make more laundry soap, I think I’ll get a bar of Zote to mix with it. That’s only $3 less if I go to two different stores to get the soap.

I think that I’ll go get a pick 6 meat for $19.99 and a few vegetables. I’ll get the baby some milk, snacks and a bit of frozen juice maybe. She likes kool-aid. I got her pull-ups and some more wipes today so I don’t have to buy them tomorrow. I do have to pack her bag with the juice and chocolate gold fish so I don’t spend money on snacks while we’re out. I think I’ll buy myself another bottle to take with us when we’re out. I need a water bottle for the fridge so that I can stop running water into a glass every time I want some.

The splurge I want is a new flavor cartridge for the filter. I need a new water filter for the sink so I can actually drink the water that comes out of it. I don’t like water and my flavor cartridge keeps me from buying flavored bottles. OK I’m tired so I’ll be going for today.