Car or Truck??

OK I need to replace my Rodeo. The fuel costs have gotten to be too much and it has a great deal of miles on it. I don’t want a car payment and I’m wondering if a small car is a good idea. A small truck would allow me to run errands and have a bed to place my recycling in so that it can be hauled off while the little one is at school without bothering anyone to haul it for me. Of course a small trailer would be useful. I want a car, small and cozy though.

I could always plan to buy a small truck and trailer to haul with later. That would give me time to find a place to put my recycling and have it all sorted out. The longer you keep it the more you have and the more you make in one trip. I only live five minutes from the recycling center so that’s easy to do. If I crush it and stack it just right I can limit the trips to one per year. OK so maybe that’s not realistic but it would be nice to achieve.

The color isn’t a factor, although since I can’t afford to get it painted it should be. A small truck would make it easier to get the well tank here when I come up with the $250 for it. This is going to be fun. I think I’ll gather up the rest of the junk in the yard and once the shed is clean I’ll give it a small corner in it to keep it out of the rain. I have two garbage cans without lids that need to go in there to hold recycling.

I plan to purchase a couple with lids to sit beside the front porch so aluminum and food cans are put in them. Once I get the back porch safe enough to walk on I’ll move them since the kitchen is right at the back door it’ll be more convenient. I will see what I can get out from under this place before the under portion is sealed off to keep animals out so the duct isn’t pulled down by them.

Well, this isn’t helping me to decide what I want. Oh well, I’ll just work on finding something in my price range. Tank for well, replace Rodeo in that order. Then get divorced.