Sold an Article and Did Most of the Budget

I managed to sell an article on the Gluten/Casein free diet to Associated Content this week. It seems to have taken forever to get it processed. I figured out that I don’t see a difference in pay when I choose non-exclusive or exclusive. I also figured out that at my current rate I’d need to write and have approximately thirty a week excepted to help supplement my income enough to keep up with my rising costs.

I got most of my budget redone last night. My light bill has finally gotten the new budget amount; it’s $200 a month and we were around $50 under budget for the current bill. That’s good so hopefully we’ll continue on that path so that we end up with a month we don’t have to pay the bill so we can buy a few things we’re gonna need by then. I know it seems silly to pay $200 a month for utilities when you don’t use that much but if we don’t we end up not knowing what the bill is each month. We also end up with just one month when the bill can be outrageous instead of several of them. My dryer hasn’t worked in months so that’s one temptation I don’t have to worry about and the weather has been nice enough just to use fans for most of this month!

The afternoons are a little warm but the mornings and the nights are just right. I’d leave a window open at night but it’s been too cold although my heat is only coming on once for about ten minutes. The bad news is that I have to pay the remaining $32 on my eye doctor visit next month and we get to start paying my auto insurance by the month on top of Theresa’s supplements. One of her supplements went down to once a day which means it’ll last 100 days at $15 a bottle which is less than $7 a month, I think that’s just an estimate.

OK I have rambled long enough it’s time to think of something else to write about.