No ABA Today!

There is no ABA today! We get to go to therapy approximately two hours later when you include the fact that lunch was typically eaten at the clinic to give little bit time to eat. This means that the morning will be spent at home writing and cleaning. The baby will have time to eat before we leave for her appointment and I can read more on my Kindle App before we leave. The other book I will take with me to read during therapy and the time after that I spend waiting for our ride to get there.

I am watching the mail in hopes of a 1099 so I can file my taxes and be done with them. The filing of the taxes is only the first step; once the return comes back I’ll know how much money I have to work with. This is has been a regular occurrence when child support falls behind. My problem right now I need to replace my Rodeo so that my child’s father can stop driving us around and go find full time employment.

Then we can situate and file the divorce proceedings. I’m tired of this dance but I will do it a little bit longer to make sure everything is in order when we file. Now to find out how to manage the expenses until then; this is getting trickier and trickier.

OK I’m off to do my budget for the hundredth time. I need to check and make sure my light bill is ready to view before I do, I can get an idea of how far under budget I am at this point. (Hope it’s a lot.)