Trouble finding Motivation

It would seem that at a time when I need motivation more than ever it is nowhere to be found. I have to figure out how to get out of this financial mess. I have a feeling that it’s going to take a few months. There are a number of things that I want but those will have to wait. I wanted a Kindle so I could take books with me without needing the book. That’s going to have to wait in the meantime I will read free books on Kindle for PC. It’s not as portable due to my lack of battery power for the laptop but it is a way to keep from adding to the clutter around here. I love books and I love electronic toys so I can combine those to help prevent having something else to collect dust.

I have a few items that I need that I can’t find or afford in the stores around here but I have that part figured out. I just have to learn patience. I’ve been using Swagbucks in my spare time. So far I’ve had to wait for the 700SB to get a $5 Paypal deposit because the money has been desperately needed. I’m hoping to be able to start cashing in 450SB for $5 gift cards that I can let build up in my account to use for things that we need. I donated 5SB to the charity drive (it’s all I could spare) since I don’t have anything else to donate this year.

I’m spending an awful lot of time blogging lately instead of writing articles. I suppose it counts as writing something since I try to write at least one thing everyday to stay in practice. My biggest obstacle at the moment is that I want to be mobile with my computer. I’m hoping to use the gift cards to help me buy a new battery for my computer and a wireless router so I can work anywhere in my house. I just need a table in my kitchen and I’ll be able to work while I make dinner. I could use the computer to let the little one watch videos without the expense of a portable DVD player that has a much smaller screen than my laptop.

OK I’m off to update the other two blogs now since the rest of what I have to say has nothing to do with working or saving money.