A day of Rest!!!!!!!

Well, mostly it was restful. This afternoon Theresa had a therapy appointment that I got her daddy to take her to. I also got him to stop at the store on their way home. That gave me extra time. I spent my morning trying to fix display issues with Firefox and Internet Explorer so I could use one of them b/c buttons and tool bars that I need are not available for Google Chrome. It was a lot cause so I use one of them for the buttons and Chrome for everything else.

I watched Mr. Mom. I even got to watch it from the bathtub. I took advantage of having the house to myself to take a nice long soak in the tub. At the moment I’m watching the weather and it’s supposed to get cold tonight. Something about snow in the weather forecast, I do hope that they’re wrong. I don’t like snow and I really don’t want to have to keep the house that warm this weekend.

Did I mention I need new duct work? One of my cats has discovered that he can let himself in through the vents when he gets too cold. I do wish I had a room built onto the side to let them in and be warm that way they wouldn’t destroy the house. I’ve got to make sure I have cat litter just in case it gets too cold out for them this weekend. I can’t have them freezing. It’s 44 degrees right now at almost 6:30 with a freeze expected in the morning. Looks like it’s gonna be cold for Christmas.

Christmas day a 60% chance of rain that cold turn to snow. 30% late Saturday and Sunday morning? I don’t want snow it defeats the whole purpose of living down here. OK so I’m being whinny.

My tax refund if there is one next year is already spent on repairs to make living easier. I don’t like that thought but it’s my reality this year. Oh well, I’ll be fine. I’m watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and it makes me feel a bit guilty seeing all those people that lost everything during the hurricane and I’m complaining that it might snow.

OK now I’ve completely lost track of what I was saying so I’m gonna be going now.