Figuring It Out

Well, my computer would need a processing fan. The good news is that in the meantime it has not overheated again. I have managed to get some work done in the time that I have had it back. I prefer to work online but I have been working offline for the most part. I think I need a new keyboard, or I just want one since all my keys are sticking.

I think I got my new budget figured out but I’m not completely sure. I still need to buy Theresa’s supplements that are running low. The first of the month I bought the vitamin D drops that were right at $26. I lowered my phone bill and am only paid $10 which of course I hit something that opened a web  browser and cost myself some money. OOPS. That will not happen again. I am merely going to make phone calls from now on.

I got the new light bill budget amount this month.$245 which was a bit of shock but not unexpected. I have to bring that down the next year. I think if I block off part of the house I can manage that fairly easily. There is one room used just for storage and hanging clothes so I’ll start there. I have to come up with the money for my divorce before we end up with a legal issue that would be rather difficult to explain.

Well, I have to go get my laundry out of the machine so I’m going to go now.

Weekend Gone All Ready??

It’s Sunday night, hard to believe that the weekend is over all ready. I managed to get a few articles written. Figure out that my computer has started over heating. That could be a good bit of the problem right there. At the moment there is a large fan on me and it, so far it’s still cool. I also wrote a few articles and got them submitted this weekend. I updated a couple other blogs and figured out that I won’t be online much during the week expect to check for work and talk to a friend or two. I’m limiting myself the rest of the week to take care of some house work and run scans on my computer.

I opened something and replied to it instead of using another method to find out if it came from the person that it said sent it. UGGH! My computer popped up a warning something was wrong, shut down and came back up running scans on itself. Tonight it will run scans on it until morning. First thing in the morning I will check for work. I have limited access and I spent a lot of time online today which means that I have to be careful the rest of the month but after just over two weeks without Internet it was a relief to have it back.

I will be spending a lot of time working in order to catch up so limiting my time online shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be cleaning house so I won’t be paying attention to the Internet anyway so there is really no need to do anything but spend some time in my word processor. Now if I can figure out how to make it through the holidays and pay for my divorce I’ll be so happy I could scream. Well, back to work for me.

Change of Plans

I’ve had a change of plans once again. This week I managed to sell one article to Associated Content and submit another that’s still should be reviewed in the next week. I’ve found I work better listening to music so I’m going to be really tired with very little sleep as I find the times I get to listen to music uninterrupted.

Actually I can work while listening to a television show with the headphones as I type up an article. I figured out that I want a new computer, that way I have one to work on and one to watch shows on. Yes, I know it’s not needed but it’d be nice to have so I’ll dream. Oh, yeah I’m supposed to be talking about a change in plans so I guess I should get to it.

Monday and Wednesday mornings will be spent by taking two hours in front of the computer to write whatever comes to mind with my headphones on and the television set off. No exceptions for hubby since the baby will be at preschool during these times. Then I have from around 8pm until well midnight or later to get more work done. That’s at least four hours.

What am I focusing on now? I’ll be reviewing the items I’m buying of course since that’s one of the easiest ways to earn. I may even review some television series if I can stop watching them long enough to write about them. There are a number of older shows that I could those “where are they now” articles about the cast; sadly enough I’m just old enough that those actors have started passing away.

The holidays are closer so a lot of stuff will be holiday related. I think I can find the time for two more blogs provided I pick the subjects carefully. Starting with one more should be best since I have very specific ideas for the next two. It shouldn’t be that hard once the new schedule I have planned for the new year goes into effect. I’ll be getting a new appointment book soon to keep up with everything or maybe I’ll just buy an ink refill and print one out since the ones you buy never seem to have what I actually need in them.

Right now I’ve got an article on hold to write this. I couldn’t figure out what to say next so I decided to come here and update this thinking maybe I’d get an idea. Well, I have one now so it’s back to work.