Public School, Home School or Private School

UGGH, the end of the school year is getting closer. Even closer would be the next IEP meeting. I dread it, I spent this morning (in between cleaning and working) searching for information on private schools and umbrella schools.

Public Schools

Crowed, not enough one on one time even with an aide. While a child with an aid gets individual attention I’m not fond of the public school system and really not looking forward to upcoming IEP meetings that will have me attempting to get the best curriculum for my child while others voice opinions based on diagnosis, testing and whatever other criteria the state has them follow. You have to ask to have a special needs child put in a typical classroom setting, they won’t volunteer.

Private School

You have to pay tuition but the classes are smaller. There were other advantages but I can’t remember what they are.


There are two options when it comes to homeschooling in the state of Alabama. A private tutor (expensive) or an umbrella school (typically a church school). There is tuition involved with an umbrella school but it for the entire year. Some require the association for homeschooling, some legal thing I can’t remember the name of be joined.

Some umbrella schools provide social interaction opportunities, others do not. Some have mandatory meetings while others do not. There is no certification required in order to home school under an umbrella school. There is some paper work involved, a letter to notify the school district, attendance and grading records.

Well, Home school and private school are both more appealing than the public school system. OK I’m off to think some more. I have work to do that I don’t understand since I have an unclear direction, or at least it’s unclear to me…….


So This is What a Weekend Off Looks Like

Funny don’t remember how it feels after so long. We managed to go shopping, do math and wake up with the realization today is a first. It is the first birthday my friend spends in heaven, a day apart lovely. Yesterday was good, today not so much.

Math Skills and the Kiddo.

The kid can count, she counts in her head. I have two options to home school here since the state really doesn’t have a home schooling law so to speak. A private tutor or an umbrella school. Either option costs money. I can get by with Kindergarten, the law does not mandate that she be in school until the age of seven.

And with that I lost every thought in my head. It’s time to go rest some more.

Another Year Older

Wonder when I’ll start to feel it? Or to act my age whatever that means. Apparently by now I’m supposed to be an OCD, ultra cleaning, over scheduling machine with every hour of the day outlined down to the last minute. Oh, well. I don’t care to do that so I’ll continue to dress how I feel and not worry about it as long as I have more teeth than I count off the top of my head and don’t top the scale over 300 pounds.

Apparently I’m Fat

Yes, I once had a woman that was 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds call me fat. Apparently she did not own a mirror, or have good enough vision to tell that I was approximately half her size. I bit my tongue until it bled trying not to laugh and hurt her feelings by dragging her back to reality with something just as thoughtless and hateful.

So my hair has gray

I also had the pleasure of once having a woman with 9, count them 9 teeth tell me I needed to do something about the gray in my hair. Well, I still have more teeth then I can count off the top of my head. Keep in mind this is a woman that had her teenage daughter tell her it was embarrassing for her to leave the house without make-up because she was the hot mom (younger than the others b/c she was a teen mother, twice) and she wasn’t hot without her make-up.

Just in case you’re wondering if you have to have make-up for people not to think you look like something the cat drug in the kittens rejected you are not hot by any means. Having a smaller waist does not make you attractive. It only makes the unattractive package smaller.

Now Ask Me if I Care.

No, I don’t. You see, the premature gray would look more like bleached highlights, and it’s more white than gray. I would not mind being the little old lady with snowy white hair at all. I have spent a small fortune I didn’t have to ensure that my teeth stay in my mouth where they belong. The day they decide other wise, I fully intend to spend another fortune I do not have to prevent smiling at people with a big gaping hole in my mouth. Those with the few teeth they have giving the appearance of a beaver and looking like death without make-up to the point they feel the need to sleep in it (which causes premature aging by the way) should not throw stones.

Those that have trouble fitting through doorways need not call anyone else fat. I still have only one ass after two children, three husbands and hell. What caused your additional asses to form?

I have yet to develop those not so lovely laugh lines. I can leave the house without make-up and still be found attractive. I can not count my teeth and I can still fit through the doorway. Oh, the best part, I would be older than both those idiots that pointed out to me that I am fat with gray hair. My daughters have never informed me I better put my make-up on before going out in public and embarrassing them without it. My oldest has intentionally tried to look and dress like momma, instead of some air brushed bimbo in a magazine.

So while I may have aged another year, I’ll spend it enjoying the fact that I am aging better than most of those around me. My children are not embarrassed by me and I do not NEED make-up to have a face people don’t run from.

I may be a little older but I can still pass for a baby. Can you?

More to Do, UGGH

OK I was up late (until nearly 4a.m.) working on a project last night because I could not focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Somewhere in between the kid being in four half days of preschool, going to five days of therapy (one of which has three sessions) and working for a living we have to do math.

Now this would not irritate me except for the fact that people haven’t bothered to listen to find out what she’s already been over, and has known. This is important in determining if it’s a skill she hasn’t developed or one that she forgot. (Vital for my child.) I also get irritated when other people begin sentences with the words…..”I want her to be able to _________.” This would irritate me for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to the upcoming school year and the goals THEY have for her.

  1. I never wanted her in the public school system here, if not for her need to learn socialization skills she would not be there now.
  2. I would prefer to home school my child as the chances are better that she actually sees something that is at her skill level without having to wait because she’s not in that grade yet, and her weaknesses would get one on one attention in ways she can understand and strengthen them.
  3. Habits I can not tolerate would not be reinforced, and no one would be there to teach her things that only get her in trouble when she comes home.
  4. It is not THEIR place to set goal for my child without consulting me to ensure they coincide with MY LIFETIME goals for my child.

Oh heavens, I feel a rant coming on and I’m too tired to keep the obscenities out of it.

Tired Very Tired

Routine Annoys Me. It makes me rather tired actually. We do the same things day in and day out. I’m tired of it. I’m also rather tired of people. While I like all of our therapists there are days when I don’t think they fully understand. Well, not all just one. I know that they forget I work for a living since my schedule is one I set myself to allow for changing the therapy schedule as needed.

My back problems I know it never occurs to one that I may have as I try not to have to stoop over with my arms full to pull my child up from whatever she is doing so we can go. I’ve been tempted to have a shirts made for all occasions.

The reason we do not play tug-away with the child “I have a bad back, if you will pay my doctor bill I will be glad to simply pull her up and play tug of war as she tries to escape.”

“Stooping with twenty pounds worth of stuff, put me in severe pain”

“MY child MY way, go enforce your beliefs with YOUR child”

hmmmmm, that list could be longer but I’m not in the mood to elaborate right now. I am tired of therapy, therapists and people in general. I am also tired of having to work around appointments. I have tried taking work with me, I would need to tell one of our therapist that I would need advanced notice to go back and sit with her during the session b/c the book I am reading is not for pleasure but to review. Therapy is the only quiet time I would have to read it.

Simple Would Be Best. Yes, simplifying things would be best for me. Along this journey with Autism the one thing that I have noticed is that like having a typical child (which I do) no one ever bothers to ask what your beliefs are before doing things. That is not limited to having an Autistic child, I experienced the same thing when my oldest was little. In fact I have always experienced it in every aspect of life.

There are days when the lack of respect for my beliefs and the assumption that they would be the same as those imposing theirs on me makes me believe it should be automatic execution to impose beliefs on others without so much as the courtesy to ask what they would believe.

OK ranting was not my intention so I’ll be going. I’ll pick this up when I’m not in too much pain to focus.

Schedule Changes

OK we began rearranging things for therapy to make sure we continued with private speech in the fall when school started back.  We are slowly moving it to spots after school. We’ll drop to four days instead of five because the therapist either leaves at noon on Fridays, does paper work or evaluations depending on what she has on her desk. Worse case scenario we end up with a five in the afternoon spot.

Our ABA therapist is pretty full right now but I have to talk to her soon about the schedule for next fall. I do not want to pull my child out of school in the middle of the day. The only way that would be an option for me is if I home school next year to make sure that she is available through it. I’m still trying to find a skill book (the ABA curriculum) that goes through the age levels. I’m told it’s easier to follow than the ABBLs. Our ABA therapist could be leaving at some point.

I have to get new cartridges for my printer. I need to print out some worksheets for the little one. That is if I can find one this month. I may just refill mine one more time and order a refill kit for my color cartridge.

Well, it’s time to go make sure I got everything together for my tax return. There is laundry to do and I have to block off work hours this week.

No Idea What to do

The morning was spent getting my little one ready for preschool and hurting my back in the process. She doesn’t like her routine to be changed in the least and I of course put her shirt over her head backwards. This led to five minutes of fighting to get her to take her little arms out so we could turn it around. Then there was the mud battle; she wanted to walk through it. I promised to make every attempt to keep her out of it because it cakes on the bottom of her shoes and she gets it on the back of the seat on the bus because she is so short. Then the battle to brush her hair as she attempted to run from me began. I put her on the bus about in tears still because she didn’t get her way, feeling horrible because she truly does not understand these situations.

Now my back hurts like there is no tomorrow. Today is going to be a slow restful one. The blanket I put in the wash will be done shortly to hang out. I’ll check the weather report before doing anymore. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t rain this weekend since I could have done my laundry when I wasn’t in pain and hung it outside to dry.

I plan to check in to see if the last article of the project I have is ready for me to do. I’m not sure why I didn’t get everything at the start but I did learn four new formats this month.

Well, the supplement chart needs filling in, I have my own articles to write and someone has to clean the house. I’ll be sticking to areas that won’t irritate my back so my child’s father would have to learn to do dishes today. Standing for long periods of time make the pressure unbelievable, I’ve got to get some new boots with a nice heel, nothing too high a couple inches will do to shift my weight off my back and ease the pain.

Have a good day.

Then and Now

Yesterday someone very smart pointed out I needed to think BASICS!!! SHE was right, (what you think a man could be that smart?), baking soda and vinegar. I began to think of the days when $30 cleaning supplies and groceries to feed two people for one week. It had to, it was all I had for those things.

Back then the bills came directly out of my boyfriends check so I never had to see them. All I knew was they were paid, and by directly out of his check I mean the house came with the job so the light bill and his loan (long story) came out before he got his pay. Those were the only bills we had each month but gas still had to be bought. I was looking for work out in the middle of nowhere in a place that still hadn’t figure out women are allowed to vote, have opinions and can in fact swing hammers or work on an engine alongside (often better than) men.

OK back to the reality of this post. My house was cleaner then, possibly because it only contained basic needs with very few dust collectors, (books and magazines had to be hidden at all times, seems someone had a problem with literacy) and the cleaning products in the house were limited to a few choice items.

Then a few choice cleaners were all that was found:

Baking soda (freshens, removes junk from dishes without scratching, cleans sinks, works in laundry and even helps with indigestion) doubles as shampoo and toothpaste.

Peroxide – whitens, (works as mouthwash too, directions on bottle)

Alcohol (shines faucets)

Vinegar- cleans windows, disinfects, use in place of fabric soften, can even be used to clean carpet when no access to a carpet cleaner is had.

Bleach- not fond of it but it kills germs, (lucky me it also breaks me out if it has any contact what so ever with my skin)

Tide- it was the only detergent allowed in the house (axle grease came out with it) (Found out Arm & Hammer works just as well, costs less and hasn’t followed the new perfumed trend.)

Dawn- the dishes, it also helps with getting grease out of clothes

Shop Hand Cleaner- removes grease from hands with/without water, prevents it getting in the house when strategically placed. In an emergency it also treats stains on clothes.

I’m sure there are more cleaners that don’t break me out and are friendly to the environment (ok so bleach isn’t that friendly) but I can’t think of them right now. In recent years I’ve discovered bar soap for dishes and found that stores are starting to carry laundry soap bars again which makes hand washing delicate items friendlier to my hands. I tried the various recipes for homemade detergent to get rid of the constant perfumes in laundry soap but the recipe only works well when I hand wash, something about my water, or maybe it’s time to clean the washing machine.

OK I’ll be back later. I’ve got to finish cleaning this house and it’s time for lessons. We’re working on first potty then get what you want in an effort to potty train. (The real headache is attempting to find a generic iPad to bribe the child with; yes, I have resorted to bribery and I don’t feel the least bit of guilt.)

Slowing Down for Saturday

It’s a nice thought isn’t it? I would be slowing down because I haven’t gotten the rest of my project yet which is fine. I did the last two I got yesterday last night and will check in and out today for more to finish it up and get paid. In the meantime I focus on cleaning areas of my home that get neglected during the week because they need a thorough spring cleaning. It’s supposed to rain so there won’t be any work done outside for fear of having to turn around and redo what was done.

I have laundry that gets to hang on the indoor line to prevent having to run out in the rain and risk breaking my neck to get it in during the rain. My carpet is getting cleaning with vinegar water and a rag (I failed to replace my mop). Actually I got irritated that the mop head I wanted wasn’t in the store, a cheap sponge mop was $1.50 (doesn’t work well for my purposes) and those Mr. Clean Mop refills at $5 a refill were all they had in stock. Lovely, lovely I do so love to watch the mop wear down before my eyes but I guess at least then you never use it past its prime. I should have picked up a pack of sponges to do my floor with since I prefer to do it on my hands and knees anyway.

So as I go back and forth from my screen and housekeeping this morning I will have a million things going at once. My dishes are soaking in a sink full of soapy water right now to make sure all the food that was stuck to them comes off. I need to buy a dishwasher since I’m the only one that appears to know that it’s not my job to clean everything. Of course it’s not the first time I’ve been here, it’s always my fault if things aren’t clean the way they should be in the sexist minds that surround me.

I would also need to remember that my towels need more air when they dry to prevent them from souring. Yuck! Another thing to remember in the future is that while the relatively new dish liquid from Gain works well, it has an overwhelming perfume smell from it. Yet, another thing that gives me a headache.

OK off to eat breakfast before I forget all together.

Exhausted in Time for the Weekend

Lovely, it’s only Thursday. I finished the first seven of twenty articles due the 7th today so I could get the rest of them to write. The short kid has been having tantrums in an effort to get her way and there are those that believe watching a child is nothing more than laying down and yelling for them as they do what they aren’t supposed to be doing. Lovely indeed.

I’ll end up working through the weekend which is fine I guess but I really wanted to rest. I need to cut grass but I have to get the rest of what I need before I get gas for the lawnmower and I’m surrounded by idiots. This is lovely. I don’t know what I did to attract them but I wish that force would cause them to flock to me would send them hurling into space.

Wednesday my ABA therapist dropped a bomb on me. Her husband joined the military and goes to basic training in a few months. That means that sometime in the future they could be transferred out; this means that we would lose ABA services at that time. (Long story.) In the meantime I would be trying to find time enough to discuss with the aid I want little bit to have in the school system if it would be possible for not only to be her aid but to follow her though the school system.

Well, stress is calling. Have a nice night.