Reflections on a Post I read

This post about boundaries really gives you something to think about. Making yourself happy. I work a lot out of necessity because my income has gone down a great deal over the last few years. I have to buy a lot of supplements and this month they seem to be running out all at the same time. That’s an expense I’m still earning the money for. Today on the way home from speech I have to stop and buy a container of baby wipes, actually a refill. I’ll be buying the small one to last until the next payday because I don’t have enough to get the one that’ll last all month long. I’m going to have to buy the little one a new pair of shoes and some pull-ups before school starts back next week. Those too expenses are unavoidable but I did reduce the amount spent on pull-ups by putting her in cloth for potty training purposes while we’re at home.

The light bill due this month has yet to show up so I can pay it. The last bill I had a credit of $76.34 toward the settle up month, I’m hoping it is a trend that continues. I’ve been working really hard to keep the usage down but one of televisions acts funny when it’s cut off from the power source. 

OK I’ll be going now since my thoughts were about earnings and cutting costs this was the natural place to post. I’m going to check Text Broker one more time before I close my browser and come up with today’s article topic.