Week in Review

Whenever I look back on my week the first thing that I see is a dozen appointments. Then I see accomplishments. This week we missed two therapy sessions, the first my driver was sick. The second one we missed was out Thursday afternoon appointment. The therapist is rather considerate of other people’s safety and called to tell us she would see us on Friday because the weather was supposed to be bad. (When I got the message I was debating on whether or not to go pick my child up from school. I also wondering if our therapist would have to leave to get her child before the storms hit because she lives in Florida)

When I woke up Thursday morning, the prediction was still for evening storms, after 7 p.m. A short time later they changed it to 4 p.m. I put the little one on the bus to clear blue skies and friendly white fluffy clouds. A short time later dark clouds rolled in to mix with them leaving a few blue streaks of sky peeking out of them. Then the sky went completely dark, when I turned the t.v. on the bottom half of my screen showed eight Alabama and nine Florida counties under a tornado watch. The storms moved faster than they thought and the announcements of school closings began.

This caused me to have a bus driver laying on the horn so I could go get my child off the bus because I miscalculated and forgot that the preschool bus gets the regular school system children as well. My child was home before 11 a.m. so they could go get the older children at 11:30 from the city and county schools.

I am happy to say that the storms weakened and I only got rain at my house. (Made me wish I had those outdoor rain barrels with screens and hoses that I’ve wanted for so long.) There was none of the cloud to ground lightening and that is what I’m most thankful for. We did get some winds but as long as the wind isn’t rotating and lifting me off the ground I’m happy.

My light bill was a pleasant surprise even though I still have to pay $245 for it due the middle of February. I discovered that I was $108 under the budget amount for the light bill this month alone. That brought my total to over $250 toward the month the settle up is due, at this rate I’ll have at least one month without a light bill which is always a good thing. I can use that money to make sure little bit has what she needs and tuck a little bit of it away. I can also fill the gas tank and keep some money to stop allowing it to drop below a quarter of a tank, my gas mileage is horrible after that point.

The duct work will be fixed by the end of next week. I hope. It requires crawling under the house and a few measurements being taken. I plan to search online for the piece then drive to the store to pick it up. It’s quicker than searching aisles with little bit, she gets upset easily in some stores. (Yes, I know children do that but it causes her a lot of distress and she has years to be forced into things she doesn’t want to do.)

There is a piece that needs capping off and that should be done next weekend so the central unit can be turned back on. The fact that I would need emergency heat and cooling back up plans on hand is clearer than ever. Last time I had trouble with the unit the entire thing had to be replaced, it was leaking coolant. That’s a very bad thing. Then it was just after the cold snaps and right before the extreme heat of summer.

That is one more thing to add to the long list. I have to get my eye exam and new glasses this year, never mind how over do that is but I can’t put it off any longer. I have no choice but to make time and come up with the money for it. Then there is the well tank that takes top priority.

Well, I’m off to work because if I don’t then none of it will get done until tax returns come back and I have other plans for that. I’d like to put some of it up for a rainy day.

2012 is Finally Here

This all feels a bit familiar. I began my day by sleeping in, to my surprise I was up until nearly Midnight last night. I slept in as a result, when I woke up I felt like I had the world’s largest hangover. When I passed the little person’s room and tried to tell her I’d be right with her she didn’t go for it. Instead she yells “Mommy, ready to get up. Mommy time for get up.”

I managed to get her to eat breakfast, macaroni and cheese, her choice and she ate two plates, she’s eating her third now. Funny since she picked she ate all of it. I managed to get her settled in for the morning, well what was left of it.

I boiled some water for my dishes, the hot water leaks so it is cut off in the kitchen. I don’t care to have the floor to rot so I boil the water. When I got a stack of dishes in the sink in need of rinsing I sent little one’s father outside to cut the water on since it had went off all together. I managed to get rinse water for dishes and get a couple clothes in soak before it went off again.

This year promises to be interesting and I’m already finding that my math was off for my budget but that’s fine to. A few minutes of silence tonight and I can redo it. In the meantime I have my earrings on and I even did my eye makeup. I don’t have what I need to do all my make-up but I prefer my eyes to be done so the rest can wait. I have lipstick in the event I leave the house but it’s rather expensive so it is reserved for the days I really feel like it. I guess I could go make my own. I’ve done that for years and I have some old blush or is it eye shadow to use up?

Either way have a happy and enjoyable 2012. I’m off to do some mindless things to start my year off more relaxed than last year started.


Numbness has Set In

In the middle.

My beautiful blond haired, blue eyed angel is in the middle of it all whether we put her there or not. I look at that tiny face so innocent, still untouched by the world and want to cry. This when I am thankful for Autism. She has not once expressed an doubt or questioned why her daddy is not here. I’m not sure why but instead of making it easier it makes it harder. I mean I know she loves her daddy so I can’t help but wonder if the Autism is what is preventing her from asking about him.

She is what held us together for so long.  A determination that she have two parents. He loves that little girl I know that. I just hope he remembers to visit with her the way he did when his oldest daughter was little. She is almost 19 years old and still prefers her daddy. That says something right?

Working Out The Budget

At the moment the budget looks bleak. I can not focus to work but I am working out the details of a new project to begin in January. Well, that takes care of some of the burden but what about the rest of this month. I do not celebrate Christmas but my children do. They both have birthdays this month as well. I do not have the money for gifts so the oldest is getting something homemade. The youngest I have no idea what to make her. She is too young for what I plan to make for the oldest.  At least most of the bills are paid this month. My Internet will only be off for a couple of weeks if I do not pay that bill. At least it’s prepaid so there will not be two months to pay when I get the money in my hand to pay it.

Where is he?

I am concerned for my soon to be ex-husband. He has family and while his step mother is attempting to come up with the money to help him get brakes he has no where to go but to the shelter. It seems that his father will not offer him a roof, I have no idea about the aunts that he has in area.

My Nerves

I am wondering how bad my nerves are at this point. I mean I haven’t driven my own Rodeo in around a year. Everything tearing up