Fed Up and Time for a Change

Every Wednesday we see S for Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy and lately it’s becoming an idea that shows itself to be a bad one. In the beginning I was not given a choice of therapist or a choice when we changed therapists. I’ve never been fond fond of this therapist because she’s always a few minutes late and doesn’t really listen which results in my having to repeat the same things each and every week. I have asked her to assist with behaviors in the past because either I found them irritating or because I don’t allow them in my house and she has refused.

I would need a therapist that listens and knows without being told that it is overstepping their bounds to parent other people’s children. When we first started this the $55 an hour came out of my pocket and we could only afford one hour a week instead of the two that they try to make a minimum for the children. Then financial aid kicked in and we got two hours a week at no charge. A little later they in acted a $3 per week copay which means I know spend anywhere from $12 to $15 a month as a copay. Well, I got to thinking about it and if it weren’t for the financial aid aspect then I would have gotten rid of this particular therapist a long time ago.

Maybe I’m just a bit knick picky but if it’s not your child then you have no right to parent that child. I don’t even believe in grandparents rights so I sure as hell don’t believe in the rights of strangers. Some of the things that I do with my child are a financial issue and others are simply because I don’t believe in those things. Since we got Theresa’s diagnosis I’ve only been asked what she can do and never once what she was allowed to do. Since the end goal is to make a child that was once non-verbal with no social or play skills completely independent then I really everyone to be on the same page.

Acting Like Any Other Kid

Yesterday afternoon I took Theresa to a birthday party. She had a blast. Those big blue eyes and cutesy smile were a hit. Once she got comfortable the words began to flow, they didn’t always make sense but they were there. She walked around, stared at tattoos and piercings and acted up some.

Theresa actually enjoyed being around people that were more use to actual kids instead of what textbooks told them as a reference. I swear there are times when it gets really annoying to have a therapists that only knows what’s in the charts tell me my three year old is just being three. One day maybe they’ll realize that they don’t spend a quarter of the time with their children that I spend with mine and then don’t spend a quarter of a quarter of the time with mine that I do.

Oh well, eventually I’ll be able to move away from here and it won’t be an issue anymore.