New Schedules and Routines

In light of recent events there have been some unexpected changes to the way that I do things. My entire routine has been changed, at least for now. I am up by 5a.m whether I want to be or not. It’s a little habit I developed when I was without Internet access. I am working as fast as I can in order to ensure that I can make up the income that I lost. I may not be able to make up that lost time but I can make sure that next month isn’t the same way. I will be taking $50 as soon as it is available and reopening my savings account.

There are things that I need, among them a divorce. Well, I am well aware that I can file the papers myself. I just have to find the correct ones. I found out yesterday that the filing fees are or were only $170. I intend to come up with that very shortly and very carefully. I would also be in need of a vehicle that I can drive without any current problems that has decent gas mileage. The problem is that with current expenses I can not afford a car payment even with a trade in. This means I have to come up with a new plan.

Getting up at five in the morning gives me the opportunity to take care of little things such as checking my email and seeing if there is any work available that is not part of my regular schedule for the day. Those two things can be knocked out while I enjoy a cup of coffee or two as the rest of the house sleeps. I am beginning to enjoy this time alone and if I budget it carefully I can even grab a shower without hearing anyone call my name. I do love not having to wait until everyone leaves the house for the morning to jump in the shower and have time to myself.

Well, I have found that four precious hours in the morning allow me to do housework while working for a living and that it is starting to go better now. I have my computer back, a portable Internet connection and a fully charged battery. Today since I will be stuck at therapy long past the 2:45 that we are scheduled to get out due to a lack of transportation I will be taking my computer in hopes of achieving some work during the afternoon. I may even take my charger in the event my battery runs low before I am done working.

Well, it’s almost time to go get the kid so I need to wrap up a few things before I can shut down. I’ll be back later to let you know how this afternoon went with my pile of stuff and my kid.

Long Way to Go

I have a lot to do, a short time to get it done and a long way to go before I can even think of being finished with it all. I recently closed my savings account, I’ll have to start over with it but that’s fine. I had a reason and that reason was a good one. It was also the right one. The fact that each day instead of looking for a job which could be as simple as stopping in one for the few dozen business surrounded where my soon to be ex stands as a crossing guard each day he comes into the house and naps makes me all the more sure of my decision. 

I am tired of having to fuss and give orders to get things done. If I have to do everything alone then I will be alone. I am tired of the never ending stack of bills, which I’m adding one two by getting a divorce and for the life of me I can’t figure out how the heavens to pay for it. I think I have checked all my options but I get the nagging feeling that I am over looking one of them. I have checked all my stuff, I do not yet have the last of the project I already got paid for so that’s not my fault. I would like it though so I can move onto the next one they have. Guess everyone being on the page I am is too much to ask huh?

I know that I have a lot to do. I am working on getting it all done. I think that it’s something that will eventually fall into place, provided I push hard enough. I know that I have a long way to go before anything is completely settled but I feel that I am making progress in the right direction at the moment. 

Well, I have work to do so I’ll be going now. 

Savings Account Reopened…..

and already having to make withdrawals. I opened the account with the minimum and turned around to withdraw all but $10 so it stays open. I had to have the account but I also had to have money to make it through the rest of the month so that’s how it had to work.

I’ve managed to put some change aside and it seems that for a while change will be all that I manage to put aside. I managed to get Theresa’s OT changed so that it’s at the same place as the rest of her therapy so that saves a little bit of gas each week. The problem? There are no spots open close to the appointments we already have so we have a bit of a longer stay in town than I would like at times. I can handle that, but the waits that are more than an hour or two we drive across the street and go walk around stores which opens the door to temptation. I did good today, the only thing that I bought was lunch stuff at the grocery store.

We looked around the clothing store, I realized that it’s time to start saving some money for next years school clothes and I need shoes. Provided I can ever find the time I’ll have a few vegetables planted. I just need Theresa to cooperate to help take care of them. I think watering them could be good for her. Picking vegetables would be good for her too, sort of if she follows directions. That would cut down on my grocery bill, I just don’t want to try to dig up the yard because I don’t have a tiller. I’m still waiting for fruit trees I may just scrap up some money and buy one or two this year. I like fruit and I need shade. I just won’t put them where the house’ll be if we ever come up with the money to replace this place.

I have a plan to get it but I don’t know how I’m going to. I do have some repairs to do here before we can take care of that plan though. I managed to get enough work done so far that I’m satisfied with my next payout but it’s time to begin thinking about the summer and the fact that we’ll be missing one income. I have to make up the difference and I haven’t been motivated since school started. I still need $100 to cover a test for Theresa. I’ve almost figured it out.

Work Requirements figured out

I think I have what I have to do for work figured out. I have to update all three of these blogs daily to keep them focused, or at least every couple days.

Sidetick = $15 a month which is $180 a year. So with $25 being the smallest payment amount I can cash out seven times a year. That doesn’t include the few minutes a week looking at pictures or the views the daily blog postings I make get during the year. That’s not bad for doing the same things I’d do on FB for free each day.

AC – well, the earnings there are not much but I can write a few articles a month for upfront payments. I figure I need to write approximately 20 to 30 a week. That would be an evening thing.

Helium- no idea what I’d have to do. The new payment system not working for me although with promotions I can continue to ensure I have enough ad revenue to pay the phone bill.

Saving Money – I found a loaf of 12 grain bread for $1 yesterday. I love that bread and that’s a lot less than the local grocery store, trust me. I bought shampoo that was 50 cents a bottle yesterday too.

OK I think I have to do some more figuring because I’m not past putting change in a jar to save money and using Amazon gift cards for household items. That’s about it for now.

It’s definitely Monday

Well, I can tell it’s Monday already. Of course being as it’s half past noon I should know it’s Monday by now. I have been looking at the budget, yes I’m bringing it up again. I have the feeling that we’ll be scraping by on the skin of our teeth, cutting a few corners in the new year. The pest control is the first casualty since that’s $33 a month that we can see immediately as being used elsewhere or saved. The last is not likely for a few months.

I’m still trying to see how much electricity we used this month. The budget amount for the bill is $200 each month; the last bill showed that so far we have a credit of $76.34. That’s not too bad of course the summer hasn’t gotten here yet so there could still be an amount that we have to pay when the budget billing is reviewed. I’m tired of having to unplug behind everyone and I’d love to have a working dryer so the laundry didn’t pile up when it was cold or rainy.

I have to have Internet access to work which I haven’t done much of lately so I guess I can get a plan with limited access until I go back full time. The cable it’s a luxury that can be reduced to keep the cable bill down. OK I’m gone, this is getting depressing.

I refuse to get upset……..again

I’ve spent more time upset the last few days that I have working. It would seem that I write crap because even if I felt like competing for my earnings I couldn’t or wouldn’t write to any of those titles up to compete for payment. My bright side today? I get my truck out of the shop tonight with it’s new working brakes. Brighter side my mommy is paying the $700 it cost to fix the damn things. Oh well, at least getting to appointments is going to be easier now and I will be doing it safely because it was to the point it couldn’t be driven anymore.

Now to get past the fact that I should have been able to cover that with savings. Oh yea, they savings account was cleaned out over the summer to make up for two months taken off because of the schools being out. I just realized that in a few more months we’ll be going through the summer without any savings if I don’t get a move on.

Whenever the letter comes in I have to send off income proofs that I already sent off because people can’t keep things together when you send them with the initial applications and reapplications. I however refuse to be upset anymore by a lack of answers and general incompetence. I also refuse to give into the urge to go into a long winded rant that would feel really good right about now and so I’ll stop for now. I’m sure I can find a better and money earning way to spend my time if I give it a little bit of thought.

Making Plans now to figure out how to accomplish them

Well, lately I’ve been making plans in an attempt to figure out what to get my girls for their birthdays and Christmas. I figured out what to get the little one, the older ones that’s a bit tougher. This year they each get one gift for each occasion plus whatever unneeded item their grandparents have decided are must haves.

I have been planning on reopening my savings account for sometime now and it has yet to work out. If I remember correctly I only need $50 to reopen it. I have the feeling that’s gonna be after the first of the year, I am sure I need to see if it can be reopened for a smaller amount. I figure even if I can only put $1 a month into that’s better than nothing at this point. I also have to figure out just how much I have to cut back and earn in order to get by if it comes down to get my income to take care of most things around here.

This weekend I wrote and submitted what I think was three reviews that will probably end up getting me an entire 50 cents each. Of course it didn’t really take that long to write them so it’s not like I worked for less than a $1 an hour, I would have liked to finish the Autism article I started writing early in the week though.

I have almost figured up the total cost of Theresa’s supplements. I figured that to get the house I want I have to down size for a while. Downsizing means less room but it also means lowering the bills. Less space takes less effort to heat and cool. If I could afford a camper I could park it under the trees here while I make the plans for the house I want. The house I want has drastically decreased in size over the years.

I saw a small counter top washing machine and little dryer that would come in handy for camping if I ever went again. OK now my mind is wandering. I’ve decided to start using my swagbucks to get $5 Amazon gift cards and save them in my amazon account until I have the money to purchase the items I want.