Ouch, OUch, OUCH

Well, that about sums it up. OUCH. Why am I screaming ouch? Well after a rather unproductive day, quiet and boring day yesterday the night proved to be rather painful. Do you know why trailers have trim on the corners of the wall? It’s to cover the seams and the nails they used to put them together. Do you know what happens when they get old and worn and come down? They leave tiny nails and staples exposed that you can’t see without a magnifying glass you know the ones that you drop and never find again? Well, last night I managed to find them with my baby toe.

Yes, I was trying to go into Theresa’s room for the pull-up she changes into at bedtime and stubbed my toe. Or so I thought. It hurt like crazy, I looked down and it was skinned but not bleeding yet. yet is the keyword. I went to walk across the room and it went to hurting more and more. By the time I made it to the dresser it was bleeding, changing colors and swelling. I have a nice gash in it.

Today the swelling has gone down a little, it’s almost the right color and the bleeding stopped. It’s still bandaged however b/c air seems to hurt at the moment. What hurts more is when tiny hands attempt to touch it or run by within an inch of it. Well, other than my boo-boo nothing much going on so I’ll be going for now.