Closing of the Autism Center

Well, the last week Theresa stayed home because I promised her a vacation before school started. Her oldest sister was supposed to come down as well, but she had things to do before college in the fall. The cost of everything has gone up so much she couldn’t make it work out even if she hadn’t. Instead of spending time with her sister we made plans for her to start Head Start which she isn’t going to be able to do even after all the trouble we went through. One of the requirements is that she be completely potty trained and this week she took a large set back which means I have to call them Monday to tell them she’s not going to attend because of it.

The only Autism Center that we had in the area is closing which is bad news for us. The therapist are getting together and opening their own facility so that the kids still get therapy. I have no idea why the center is going to close but it is a rather sad day for us. It was the only one of its kind in the area and it was fairly new. It only opened during January of 2009. I have no idea why it would be closing unless it got too big too fast but they were attempting to meet what is a great need in the area. It seems like just yesterday sometimes that I first went to the original tiny building that would become a lifesaver to me. I remember the week that they closed to move, it just happened to be during Spring Break that year. The new building is barely used, it’s less than two years old.

I do wish that things didn’t change so fast but maybe this is for the best.