Rainy and gloomy

It’s been raining all morning, and Theresa got on the bus in the rain. It wasn’t raining when we walked to the road, but as soon as we got out there it began to rain harder and colder. I had a small coat on her to keep the rain off and dug one out of her bag to hold over my head. I have to buy myself a rain coat, and a new umbrella since the last one broke. It’s starting to thunder now, and it’s getting louder. I can’t believe that we have therapy this afternoon.

I feel awful after standing out in the rain this morning. I’m tired as can be and I think I’m getting sick from standing out in the rain, I hope that Theresa doesn’t. As a result of the rain I’m trying to write an article on things that can be done indoors to keep kids from being bored when it’s raining outside. So far it’s going very slowly. I can’t manage to finish this article with my mind wandering so I’m going to go back and forth between them to see what I can find to write about.

Any subject ideas? I’m at a loss for words.