Tax Refunds Don’t Alway Spell R-E-L-I-E-F

Well, my tax refund or rather what’s left of it arrived today. So far it’s gone as soon as it came. There are six months of auto insurance to pay in May to prevent having to pay approximately $46 each month which makes the total premium a bit higher. Last time I paid it for six months it was only $258.30. Paying it each month is a total of $276 or more since the monthly premium tends to go up and down slightly without rhyme or reason.

The last two light bills have been in the high range. They were $420 and $381 which is kind of two high. My budget billing amount is $200 so those two put us over budget by $340 and some change. The month of October is when the settle up bill which is the overage plus the actual bill is due. That’s 7 months away. There was a water leak under the house where a pipe broke? I think. Hopefully the bill will go down some since the pump won’t be running constantly now.

We need oil changes, I have no idea when the last ones were. We need a tire fund too. It won’t be long before we need new ones. OK I’m confused so I’ll be going, math is the thing that confuses me the most so I’ll be going to sleep soon.