Hyperactive Child

These past few days have been rather interesting. Theresa has been rather hyper because of all the foods she got that she’s not supposed to have. She was rather aggressive last night slapping and kicking me in the face. That’s what I get for letting her have things that are definite no-nos. She missed her supplements actually several doses this week.

I still haven’t gotten them fixed this morning instead I’ve been doing dishes, laundry and other housekeeping that’s been neglected for a while. OK her supplements are fixed and her daddy’s giving them to her now. I have to figure out where in the house I’m going to hang my laundry since it may rain again today. It rained just long enough yesterday to annoy me. I’m hoping it doesn’t do it again today.

This afternoon if nothing goes wrong I plan to take Theresa to a birthday party and watch as she interacts with other kids. She’s being lazy today and refusing to make complete sentences so that’s what we’re pushing this weekend. OK time to get back to the world whether I want to or not, still got some things to do before we leave.