That’s the amount that I’ll have left after the 2nd phone bill is paid. It’s not due until Christmas Eve but I have to keep that money aside for it. Today is supposed to be payday and it better be. I’ll be ill if it’s not.

I’ve still got $193.99 left to buy food. That’s a good thing. I need coffee, sugar, some more meat. I’ll probably do a pick 5 for $19.99 since the portions are larger. That’s five dinners, so maybe I’ll buy 2 of them. I think we need peanut butter so that Theresa can have snacks.

I’ve got half a tank of gas to last the next four days and two days next week. We have a Christmas party and one day of therapy. That’s all it has to last for other than a possible trip to my mother’s house to see my oldest daughter.

Well, that’s all for now. Work not going so well and as my income decreases I become increasingly irritable. I’ll be back later.

Slow and Easy to Start the Month

The recent work changes that I made are going rather well. I know my working month seems strange but the way it runs is from the 25th of one month to the 24th of the next and payday is the 10th of the following month. It makes for an interesting schedule and means that I have to spread my work out as much as I possibly can to make the most of what I do. I also have to participate in active promoting to get something real accomplished by the end of the month.

I have managed to write one entire article yesterday and today. That’s fine. The new pace means that I can actually get more productive as time goes by and get more done which will increase my productivity.

I have one splurge in mind, a three meat-meatloaf with onions, mixed peppers and such that is both gluten and casein free for Theresa. It’s going to be a nice way to make the budget stretch and figure out how to cut recipes to suit the three of us. It’ll be kind of fun too. I have more time to cook so I can actually make more of Theresa’s food instead of buying the obscenely priced ready made items that are hit and miss when it comes to taste.

I think that now I may be able to update both of my blogs daily and eventually create another one that’s updated every few days and still relevant when it’s posted. Bye for now, time to get the last of the weekend things done so that I can have the baby off and on the school bus on time in the morning.