Starting the Week Fairly Productively

OK today was a preschool day and it’s been rather productive so far. I’m managed to write five short articles this morning and all but two have already been accepted! That’s a good morning. I’m also working on an article to submit to Associated Content. I just got the 4th accepted, now to wait for the 5th one to either be approved or revisions asked for.

I hope to finish up this article for AC and get another one started today. I think that it’s a good day considering that getting up after 5 in the morning seems to reduce opportunities for quick articles. I have to start going to be earlier and getting up earlier. I would sleep on my regular sleep cycles but therapy doesn’t allow for it. I’m a night person so to stay up during the day I need a little help from caffeine and usually end up drinking a pot to two pots of coffee each morning.

I have to go over the monthly bills today for February to make sure that everything is paid. I have to pay the last bill of the month in the morning, it’s only $21.80. I also have to put gas in my truck. The next payday I have is the last day of the month. I’m up to four now if I can just make them work.