Public School, Home School or Private School

UGGH, the end of the school year is getting closer. Even closer would be the next IEP meeting. I dread it, I spent this morning (in between cleaning and working) searching for information on private schools and umbrella schools.

Public Schools

Crowed, not enough one on one time even with an aide. While a child with an aid gets individual attention I’m not fond of the public school system and really not looking forward to upcoming IEP meetings that will have me attempting to get the best curriculum for my child while others voice opinions based on diagnosis, testing and whatever other criteria the state has them follow. You have to ask to have a special needs child put in a typical classroom setting, they won’t volunteer.

Private School

You have to pay tuition but the classes are smaller. There were other advantages but I can’t remember what they are.


There are two options when it comes to homeschooling in the state of Alabama. A private tutor (expensive) or an umbrella school (typically a church school). There is tuition involved with an umbrella school but it for the entire year. Some require the association for homeschooling, some legal thing I can’t remember the name of be joined.

Some umbrella schools provide social interaction opportunities, others do not. Some have mandatory meetings while others do not. There is no certification required in order to home school under an umbrella school. There is some paper work involved, a letter to notify the school district, attendance and grading records.

Well, Home school and private school are both more appealing than the public school system. OK I’m off to think some more. I have work to do that I don’t understand since I have an unclear direction, or at least it’s unclear to me…….