Labs for the little one

OK yesterday Theresa had her blood drawn to test her potassium levels because of a prescription that she’s on. Since it was time to have blood drawn anyway to check her growth hormone. At 4 as far as the measurements go she is 37 inches, not sure how accurate that is since she doesn’t exactly stand right. I’ll be happy to know one way or the other why she seems to be refusing to grow.

She was in a good mood when I got her to the doctor yesterday but not in such a good mood by the time we left. We came home and watched cartoons until time to leave for therapy in an effort to get her back in a good mood since we had two sessions back to back yesterday. She did fairly well since the therapist took her to sing with the ABA kids and do some socialization. After speech Theresa refused to come out of the office. The ladies ( I should say lady b/c only one was in there yesterday) said she could sit and play with the legos between appointments. The ABA therapist was next, they worked on “No” and waiting.

Theresa’s therapist are awesome! OK we have more therapy today and at some point I’ve got to wash her training pants so that I have enough clean to make it through the weekend without having to soak up urine out of the carpet. Gross I know but we have almost three full days again to work on potty training. She’s starting to give signals but she can’t express that yet so we’re trying to get there.