I’m An Idiot

I know that I’m an idiot it’s official. I put text messaging back on my cell phone for various reasons despite the fact that I need one with a full keyboard and larger screen to be able to see them. I’d love a blackberry so I could get my books on my phone and just have one device to talk, text, surf the web and read on. I also found out that in spite of putting it on my phone I neglected to enable the incoming messages that I had disabled for some reason. Why were they disabled? I don’t remember.

This is the last holiday weekend of the summer I think. The fourth of July means that we get out of therapy for three days this weekend, and I have plans. I’m planning to order a new phone soon so that I can put the kindle application on it that way I don’t have to worry about whether or not I can find my books to take with me, just my phone.

I’m not sure what I ever did before text messages I think I answered the phone. Although I can remember living without a phone, and the sky is getting dark. I’m fixing to take the lawnmower to let someone cut their grass before it rains. The little one is going with me.

Tackling Hyperactivity

We had our finger prick today for the little one. She was rather hyper by the time the doctor got there since we were a fill in appointment. We went over her supplements, he took her off one and cut the dose on one in half. The prescription that she’s on is being changed in another week.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. Tomorrow our appointments have been rearranged so I’ll be confused as can be. My mind has wandered off so I’ll be going now.

So Far So Good

I may be stressing over my deadline but so far the client is happy with what I’ve done. I’m going to send the next set as ten articles to buy a bit of time, then send another ten and the final five to him. I’m glad that he is happy since I was amazingly nervous after not having done a project in a year for anyone but myself. I think that once I am finished with this I’ll write an editorial on the choice to go back to private clients.

I have until Monday June 20th to finish this project completely to get paid. The 21st Theresa goes for her labs and I have to figure out if I have the money to pay for the test medicaid does not cover. I also have to get a referral for the new OT. They can guarantee her a spot until the start of the school year. They are the same therapist that she sees in school so at least they’ll be on the same page.

Well, these articles aren’t going to write themselves so I’ll be going back to work now.

Coping and Adding Stress to My Life

OK I’m coping with the fact that I had to fix the car to get us to therapy during the week. What I’m not coping so well with is the added stress of being forced to go back to private clients. I managed to finish the first set of five and schedule out the rest in sets of five. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have done sets of ten but I think the less I have to finish at once the less stress I’ll have in theory.

I have to go to the grocery store but first I think I’ll check Angel Food Ministries to see what they have this month. I need to make sure and order a box at the first of July so that we have two weeks of food at next to nothing. I have some coupons that I need to use for my Swagbucks. They are about to expire and they are for stuff that I actually wanted for meals so I really need to go ahead and use them. I think I’ll separate them out while I research my next article.

I have a page at hubpages that I have to finish up but I seem to be stuck so I may start another one and alternate between them. I’m thinking of doing an editorial so that I can have more up for page views. I still need to schedule promotions and respond to emails so I’m going to go.

First Private Client in over a Year

I have decided that with recent events I have to take on my first private client in a year. I have a week from today to have all thirty of these articles complete and hopefully get paid a few days after. I can send them in smaller sets so I am really hoping that means I can get them approved as they are submitted.

I’m a bit paranoid that something will go wrong and I will miss my deadline or have the project cancelled in the middle. I have three more to finish of the first set of five that I intend to send off. After that they are broken up into two sets of ten and a set of five to finish them up. I suppose I could just do sets of five to keep my focus. These appear to be a bit harder than I thought but once I get into them I do believe my pay rate will compensate me.

OK I’ve got to get back to work. I also need to do the budget for the rest of the summer. I’m hoping that there are no more unexpected expenses that come up.

Figuring it Out

Theresa has a test that I can’t pay for that I have to get. She’s being good today just sitting in the bed with me. That means she forgives me for going to the store without her yesterday. It’s rather unusual for me to go without her but my back was hurting something awful.

I’ve been trying to move for a couple years now but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I really wish that I could afford to move now. I’m not coping well with all the repairs that have to be done. I hate it here but I’m stuck here. I lost my flash drive and I really need it. I can’t work without it because I don’t have enough space on my computer. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Uggh this could be a rant

I’m tired and sore. The car tore up the other day and had to be pushed, we had to buy a battery. That is after we paid for a tow and the battery is hopefully the problem. If it’s not I have no idea what we’re going to do.

I’m married to my stress. We have just enough money to get a few groceries until the 14th. We still have to have gas for the rest of the month. Gas prices are coming down some. That’s a good thing, the bad thing is having to stop every few days in order to get gas without spending all the money I have at once.

People don’t seem to understand that they aren’t the only ones that are broke but that’s fine too. I know that there are those that don’t understand the meaning of broke as well. I’m tired of all the hassles but I got to leave the house this week which was good for me.

I managed a short news article this morning and still have to find something else to do. I’m exhausted and sore. We still need groceries.

We all made it through the weekend

OK Theresa didn’t feel well this morning, she feels better now though. Apparently Sprout is the napping channel. As long as Sprout was on Theresa was asleep, the minute I changed the channel she work up. The worst part was that she did the baby cry each time. Poor thing did at least eat something today but she drank more than she ate. Despite being sick she did about normal with her potty training for the day. She got all but the three chew-able supplements today so it was good.

At the moment I’m watching “Sister Wives” and at the moment I have to say Kody Brown is being an ass. I’m really hoping I understood that wrong. So what if Meri only has one child she should have the house she wants. They can’t find a house big enough for all of them so four houses was the only choice. OK I’m going to stop before I start ranting about it. Not my life not my business.

Learning Something New

I recently decided to give hubpages a try. I can remember reading that it takes about a year and at least thirty hubs (probably not in the same place) to start seeing visible income. All I know is that it’s fun but I’m not sure why my last do hubs aren’t rated as high as the first one. The last one was the lowest rated on meaning it has the lowest hubscore. Maybe it’ll come to be sometime in the future. In the meantime I’m going to work on the two articles that I want to submit to Yahoo Network. Those are out of my head too and who knows maybe they will give me an idea for something to do on hubpages.

I decided that I don’t like Squidoo. I don’t know why but I’m not sure the pages look as nice as the ones on hubpages. I have no idea what to create a hub about next, I’m wondering if I should take a look at what I’ve written in the past and go from there.

I made two pies yesterday out of pudding and I’m thinking that next time I’ll see if I can’t make them a bit cheaper. The pie crusts where a dollar each and the four packs of pudding were 2/$1 for $2 pie isn’t that bad. I wanted something cold in this heat. So far today I managed to finish a hubpage from yesterday and complete one today. I think I have an idea for another based on two years of the old man being left unemployed.

Increasing the Late Night Hours

As Summer Vacation begins I have come to realize that I will be increasing the amount of late night hours that I am working. There is a decrease in my income during the next two months that I must make up for so I will increasing the hours I work by using the coolest hours of the night to work. This means that I will be adjusting mine and Theresa’s sleep schedules. Rather I am hoping that she will agree to take a nap during the day so that I can also in order to be up working at night. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I have no choice.

I started a new site a while back in an effort to put everything in one place but that has yet to happen so I still go back and forth between three blogs and the site. I’m falling behind but now I only update the site most relevant to the post. Well, I think I do anyway. I’m ventured further out into publishing my own work instead of ghost writing. That isn’t to say I won’t return to ghost writing because I have to keep up with the bills.

I still haven’t figured out how to pay for the test that Theresa needs. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it before the school year begins. A grown man just told me that a 1/4 tank of gas is not enough for him to go put in job applications. What a crock. Oh well one day my child will be grown and he will be on his own. Divorces cost too much but I’m more than a little tempted to go pay for one of them at the moment. I just have to replace my vehicle first.