Pancakes and Santa Claus

Today’s Saturday which is usually one of those lazy days spent catching up on housework once everyone finally decides to get up. Not this morning though. My alarm was set for 5:30 this morning. Why? We were going to O’Charley’s for a Pancake Breakfast and to have pictures with Santa Claus.

I did a few things like drink my coffee, check facebook and my earnings before we left. We managed to get there a few minutes ahead of time and waited with the others. Then they told us that we could sit in the little waiting area until they were ready. The tickets are normally $15 a person because it benefits the local Autism center. They had three that were donated and we got those those. I was hesitant about taking them but now I’m glad that we did.

We had pancakes, sausage, and coffee. Pink lemonaide for the little one. She ate most of the three pancakes and all of her sausage. Before we ever got our plates I took her down to see if she’d sit in Santa’s lap. She wasn’t sure about it but my little angel did it and looked adorable while the pictures were taken.