So Far So Good

I may be stressing over my deadline but so far the client is happy with what I’ve done. I’m going to send the next set as ten articles to buy a bit of time, then send another ten and the final five to him. I’m glad that he is happy since I was amazingly nervous after not having done a project in a year for anyone but myself. I think that once I am finished with this I’ll write an editorial on the choice to go back to private clients.

I have until Monday June 20th to finish this project completely to get paid. The 21st Theresa goes for her labs and I have to figure out if I have the money to pay for the test medicaid does not cover. I also have to get a referral for the new OT. They can guarantee her a spot until the start of the school year. They are the same therapist that she sees in school so at least they’ll be on the same page.

Well, these articles aren’t going to write themselves so I’ll be going back to work now.