Reflections on a Post I read

This post about boundaries really gives you something to think about. Making yourself happy. I work a lot out of necessity because my income has gone down a great deal over the last few years. I have to buy a lot of supplements and this month they seem to be running out all at the same time. That’s an expense I’m still earning the money for. Today on the way home from speech I have to stop and buy a container of baby wipes, actually a refill. I’ll be buying the small one to last until the next payday because I don’t have enough to get the one that’ll last all month long. I’m going to have to buy the little one a new pair of shoes and some pull-ups before school starts back next week. Those too expenses are unavoidable but I did reduce the amount spent on pull-ups by putting her in cloth for potty training purposes while we’re at home.

The light bill due this month has yet to show up so I can pay it. The last bill I had a credit of $76.34 toward the settle up month, I’m hoping it is a trend that continues. I’ve been working really hard to keep the usage down but one of televisions acts funny when it’s cut off from the power source. 

OK I’ll be going now since my thoughts were about earnings and cutting costs this was the natural place to post. I’m going to check Text Broker one more time before I close my browser and come up with today’s article topic. 

Thinking is Dangerous

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and that’s a rather dangerous thing. I think that I want a larger computer screen, and a desktop computer. I think that I want a brand new laptop or a new battery and an upgrade for this one. I want more portable storage devices, I want to be able to print out the pictures that I want to print out anytime I want and get it right the first time. Most of all I want people to pay attention so I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

I want to be comfortable. I also want to stop being so dependent on the power company. The biggest problem is that I can’t afford any of those neat little solar items. Well, maybe a solar shower but I’d still have to have power to get running water. I have a private well, the pump doesn’t work without water. I don’t use a clothes dryer, it doesn’t work at the moment and it took so long when it did that it was faster to hang the clothes out. I used to use both back when the light bill was still just over $100 if I used it everyday of the week. I also used it a very long time ago when the light bill came directly out of my boyfriends paycheck. That and if everything wasn’t just so when he got home he went into a rage; although he seemed to have something against literate people believing books were a waste of time.

I have been doing more laundry by hand unless it’s something that I need to make sure has been sterilized. I’m trying to potty train my toddler and I believe that cloth does the job faster than the disposable items do. I still don’t like cleaning them but days like today it’s worth it. Theresa got up before 8a.m. and at 10a.m. she was still dry! I’m so proud of her. I just wish I could find the chart that helps her to know the steps.

Ok that’s as far as my thoughts are rambling today. I either need to go read some of my book or find an item to review.

First Day with the New Speech Schedule was Theresa’s first day having speech at 1:30 in the afternoon instead of 10 in the morning. She handled the change fairly well. We focused on potty training this morning, it didn’t go as well as I would have liked but it went OK. She can’t tell you she has to go, her communication isn’t that advanced yet. The change to the schedule means that someone is now home at all times!! There isn’t any need to worry about anything at all.

I didn’t get much work done with the change today but I did get the laundry folded and Theresa had a hot lunch. When we got home I managed to wash a load of clothes and hang them in the spare bedroom. I saw a tiny washing machine the other day it was cute but wouldn’t work for my purposes unless in an emergency.

I’m looking at the mess Theresa made in the floor as I worked today. I have to pick it all up before the vacuum can see it to keep from tearing it up. Theresa will be taking some chips and Scooby snacks to school with her in the morning.

Just another weekend

It’s just another weekend here and it’s almost over. I sometimes which that we had three and four day weekends more often. I get so tired during the week taking Theresa to therapy, working around therapy and trying to work in enough time with her so she doesn’t end up pulling at me to get my attention in the middle of work. She’s so smart that it’s scary.

I did manage to write one new article and get some editing done. Budgets are much fun, I think I figured out how many plastic training pants Theresa needs. Two packs should take care of it, then I have to buy one more pack of plastic pants and a pack of training pants and she’ll have enough to take care of two to three days.

Friday I realized that one of her therapist can’t tell the difference between a question and a statement when she’s in a hurry. It’s also kind of annoying when you make a statement and someone answers a question. It’s almost the holiday season so I’ll be putting up with that a lot. In-laws make the best annoyances when they like to make decisions they have no business making.

OK off to edit the second article of the weekend and try to write one more. I’ll edit it tomorrow. I’m going to work on my resume tomorrow too. Hopefully I can find the template since I can’t remember how to put one together. I’m hoping next weekend will give us an opportunity to do something fun. The 3rd we go to the fair so that Theresa gets to experience it for the first time.