That about describes how I feel at the moment perfectly. It’s almost 1p.m. and at 2:30 I was supposed to take Theresa to a Christmas party for about an hour and a half just because she’s never been to one. It looks like it’ll be next year. I have a good mind to plan for the next school vacation but that doesn’t usually work out too well.

Therapy has increased so much over the past year that I have no free time unless I’m asleep. I miss the days when we could make plans and keep them but those days are gone for a while. I have been attempting to get out of the house more for things other than therapy but it’s not going well. I’m thinking that we can go somewhere besides the grocery store every now and then.

I want to have a garden next year but the ground is too hard, I’m thinking the containers will have to do. I just have to buy potting soil when it’s on sale, off brand. I think I’ll get some herbs so I can stop buying them. I managed to do a load of laundry and put the clothes I washed yesterday away. I’ve even gotten most of the moon sand vacuumed up off the carpet. Now to find the energy to do the dishes and mop the kitchen floor. I have to get the house cleaned up.

I found something to do with the clothes that Theresa outgrew. My mother-in-laws niece is 26 years old and sick. They just lost everything so the baby clothes would be an enormous help to them. So I’m giving my mother in law the boxes for them to go through. I’ve got to go through the rest of the things in the house and see what needs to be donated or given away.

Well, I feel awful so I’m gonna go now.

An afternoon off

It’s almost 10:30 and I drop Theresa off at the clinic at 1 p.m. She’ll be staying there until 5 at the latest. I may go get her earlier if I manage to get out of the crowded store with my few purchases in a short amount of time. Against my better judgement I’m taking my other half to the store since he’s keeping my in-laws away from my house for the holidays. I’m not being hateful, they just have a tendency to irritate me butting in and offering advice when things are none of their business and they don’t pay the bills.

I’m a bit irritated that I wasn’t asked about my child leaving the house during the holiday. I’m so ill at this moment I do believe I’m going to make the rest of the year a living h*ll for everyone but me and my little angel.

Now my head hurts at the thought of my other half trying to get his parents not to do something that could undo the past year of therapy. Theresa is smarter than they are. I’m not being ugly, it’s true she actually is. OK  this is turning into a rant so I’m going away now.