Mommy has homework again

Actually, mommy, daddy, the teacher and three of the five therapist have homework. Green sheets to help the doctor re-evaluate Theresa’s diagnosis. This time we should get something more specific than moderate/severe autism with PDD-NOS. That’s a mouthful and rather hard to explain. The holidays and the rest I thought was coming with them well, now they’re full of stuff we have to do.

The 23rd we have our last therapy appointment a couple days before that we have a Christmas party. (The one thing we planned to do this month.) Saturday I’m letting Theresa go to the clinic for a few hours to be with other kids while I go to get her Christmas and birthday presents so she doesn’t see them. The following week we have a follow up with the doctor to do a testing visit.

My laundry is behind again, I just remembered to turn the machine on to see if I can’t get one load done before we leave.  I have to take a green form to one of the therapists office when we leave today, I also have to get pull-ups. I think I’ll start buying four packs at a time since no matter how hard I try to put her in cloth when we’re home I end up using pull-ups often because we either run out of cloth or she has a stomach issue.

Little bit hasn’t asked for many shows today. She’s only asked for one. We’ve got lot showers right now, just not at my house. There isn’t any rain yet only wind. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon. The high is 62 tomorrow and that’s about as warm as we’re gonna get it seems. OK I’ve still got dishes to do before we leave and I want to eat dinner tonight without having to wash a plate first.

Next time I buy the small beef roast I’m cutting them in half. Apparently a three to four pound roast is too big for our small family. Four meals in a row is a bit much I think. I wonder if I can put it in the hamburger helper? OK I’m going for real this time.