A week off to prepare for school

OK only one day left in July which means that I have approximately twenty-five days left to finish potty training the kid. The 25th is the first day of school for the Head Start and there is no transportation provided this year. This is going to make for a fun school year. Monday morning I’ll begin to get up at 5a.m. in order to get used to it in time to get the kiddo to school by 7:45. It’s really hard to believe that the summer is almost over and we’ve done very little.

I still haven’t purchased the new uniforms that she’s going to need. I have to go on a treasure hunt for them and I’m really hoping that they’ll be some available small enough during the tax free weekend. That’ll save us a little bit of money even if I only get her two or three. I am currently working on everything possible to come up with the money to get her two complete outfits because at the moment I can only get partial outfits.

We’re trying the schedule for the potty and I’m leaving her there as long as she’ll stay. It seems that typically the longer she stays on the potty the more likely she is to use the potty. We’ve made amazing progress this summer and I need to step up the game and finish it up. The fact that she has the ability to tell you she has to go to the bathroom is a good thing, bringing that ability out is something else.

Right now there is recycling on my front porch that needs to be loaded up and hauled to the bins. I think that I’ll do that when we go on the treasure hunt for uniforms. I found the data sheets for potty training in my desk drawer and the last time I had used them was back in mid-June which isn’t that good. There could be two reasons they hadn’t been used in so long. The first is that she was having too many accidents to count. The second is that I was too busy working and no one else would do the data for me. At the moment I’m relying on a time to tell me how often to take her to the potty. I’m going to go with every thirty minutes now that she has drinks in her.

I’m going to increase the time between trips now that the diarrhea she had last week has hopefully past. Too much detail I know.

OK I have to get back to work and I have some pictures to put on disk so I’ll be going I’m hoping to put the pictures on disks while I go through her clothes I have to separate my photos into smaller albums so that I know what I have saved and not saved or I may save them all online and take them to disk later.