Back Burner

I put the book I’m writing on the back burner to think it over. I have some things to look through and sort out that might lead to a few edits. I’m thinking of just starting over with a fictional book before I write or rather finish writing the first one. It’s not half done but I think I left something out and that’s bothering me.

I’m wondering what to write about other than rambling around. I think that I’ll just open my word processor and start writing about whatever comes to mind. I don’t feel like forcing it right now. My Internet is acting up, trouble connecting so that answers the question of which package to purchase when this one runs out of time. It’s most likely the two $20 ones so I still have access to work but have to limit the social activity so that I’m not getting lost at the screen for hours at a time.

There are a number of things that have to be taken care of which have been on the back burner way too long. I think that some of it I can do myself, by myself. The things I can’t I’ll be recruiting help for the rest of it. Those recruits will consists of those that come over uninvited offering advice and opinions no one asked for without a clue what goes on. I think manual labor in exchange for not smacking them is a fair trade.

Reopening my savings account has been on the back burner too. I think the next load of junk I get out of my yard will aid in the reopening. I do not look forward to walking the full length of this place to inspect for stray items that got tossed aside carelessly by those that never realized it’s not polite to throw your trash in someone’s yard.

There is yet another water leak, under the house. I heard it flowing like a river on one of several trips out to flip the well pump back on so I could finish washing a comforter and the dishes. Now finding out what it takes to fix it requires crawling under the house. That is not going to be pleasant. The good news is that the junk under there can be thrown out while the leak is being located and simply picked up from the yard and thrown into a can to be hauled away.