Not a Three Day Weekend After All

Well, the rest of the world gets a three day weekend this week but not us. The school is closed but the clinic for therapy is going to be open. One of the therapist told me that if I wanted a three day weekend I should take it and no one would think anything about it. Theresa’ll be ill if she suspects the therapists are there and she’s not though.

I have to remember to call about the results of her labs tomorrow. I forgot today to check, if I forget tomorrow it’ll be next week. The DMG is a tiny tablet and Theresa puts it in her mouth willingly each morning. That’s a good thing. The speech therapist had a seminar where they showed them some sensory techniques that work when it comes to getting Autistic children to let you brush their hair. Well, Theresa is a bit irritable when you attempt to brush her hair so we decided to give it a try.

Well, turns out putting pressure on the sides of Theresa’s head is something that she enjoys. One you do that for a few minutes she’ll let you brush her hair all day long. I am exhausted and still have at least one article to write. I managed to make $2 this morning while I did laundry and ran after Theresa. We had an afternoon of therapy and I managed to wash her training pants so now I have to spend a few hours playing catch up.