A Solution Maybe??

I think I found a solution of sorts to recent work issues. So far Text Broker seems to be working out pretty well. Once I finally decided to write something I managed the $10 payout minimum actually double it in two days, mostly from one article. Now a day after requesting payment because I got in a hurry I’m half way to payout again writing short articles of 150 words or less than don’t take up too much time. I mean I can actually watch the kid while I’m doing them and once I claim them I don’t have to worry about them not being there when I get back to them. I like the short ones because they cause less frustration and only take a couple minutes to write. They have longer ones but unless the deadline is at least 2 days sometimes I can’t do them because of therapy schedules. I’ve managed to write three of them this morning alone!

I have three articles waiting for evaluation at Associated Content. I’ll be so glad when they tell me something one way or the other. I need to write some more and submit but I can’t think of anything to write. I’m re-evaluating the earnings goals and needs that I have at the moment. I’ll have them outlined over the weekend. I’ll be back.