Monday, Monday, Monday

I almost missed my alone time this morning. I overslept and when I work up my other half had somehow managed to get to work without waking me up and the little one was still asleep. I managed my coffee and morning cigarette without an interruption. I even managed to listen to some music without being interrupted.

Since he just walked back in the door, I’m guessing this is the last song I get to listen to. Of course he forgot to fill out his applications this morning, so he’s going to the library this afternoon to do it. He can use their computers in air conditioning that works better and I don’t have to take a break from working for him to do it. Nice of him huh?

I’ve got a lot of work to do anyway so it’s alright with me if he wants to wait. I have blogs to update, articles to write and decisions to make. I’m not sure why but this month hasn’t been as productive as I had hoped it would be.

Now I have to get dressed and go get Milk which appears to be an emergency in this house most of the time. A half gallon this time since the gallons are souring faster than half of them can be drunk. The kid seems to have developed an aversion to it.