One more payment coming, I think

Well, Helium’s recent changes are a bit annoying except for the twice a month payday. At the end of the month I’ll have at least the minimum $25 to request it maybe a tad more. That’ll cover one of my phone bills next month. Now to figure out how to cover the other one and everything else.

I guess that the rest of this month is going to be spent working since we have appointments just like it was any other time of year. I also have to figure out just how much work I have to do in order to get by. This is gonna be the most depressing thing I do this year.

The good news is that my kids have some form of Christmas. I guess in a couple years I can introduce them to homemade gifts. OK I’m exhausted so I’ll be going. The worst news is that the grocery budget for the upcoming year is up in the air.