The World Really Doesn’t Stop Turning

Pain and Fear

Death causes us both pain and fear in the same instant. There is the pain and disbelief that someone is no longer with us as “the last time” begins to run through our minds. There is always something that we feel as if we have forgotten. We are in pain and a part of us fears our own mortality as we get older and when the one that has passed was close to us in age.

One Day Apart

This week I said goodbye to friend that was literally a day younger than I am.  An accident took her from us all too soon. They say that only the good die young. That is not true, the good are always too young to die no matter how “old” even if they have seen more than a century pass. The amount of love shown to my friend was amazing. There were people that you never imagine running in the same social circles there proving that in death she still bridged gaps that others avoided.

Amazing Sight to See

There were half a dozen or more motorcycles there that made sure to rev up their engines for her before following along in the procession to her final resting place. She would have loved that everyone wore what they were most comfortable in and there were no judgments on her day. It was all about her. She was the center of attention on last time as it should be.

World still Turning

Yes, the world is still turning even though for a brief moment the shock of it all made it seem as if it had stopped. Now if someone would like to turn the hands of the clock back that would be welcome.