Long Way to Go

I have a lot to do, a short time to get it done and a long way to go before I can even think of being finished with it all. I recently closed my savings account, I’ll have to start over with it but that’s fine. I had a reason and that reason was a good one. It was also the right one. The fact that each day instead of looking for a job which could be as simple as stopping in one for the few dozen business surrounded where my soon to be ex stands as a crossing guard each day he comes into the house and naps makes me all the more sure of my decision. 

I am tired of having to fuss and give orders to get things done. If I have to do everything alone then I will be alone. I am tired of the never ending stack of bills, which I’m adding one two by getting a divorce and for the life of me I can’t figure out how the heavens to pay for it. I think I have checked all my options but I get the nagging feeling that I am over looking one of them. I have checked all my stuff, I do not yet have the last of the project I already got paid for so that’s not my fault. I would like it though so I can move onto the next one they have. Guess everyone being on the page I am is too much to ask huh?

I know that I have a lot to do. I am working on getting it all done. I think that it’s something that will eventually fall into place, provided I push hard enough. I know that I have a long way to go before anything is completely settled but I feel that I am making progress in the right direction at the moment. 

Well, I have work to do so I’ll be going now. 

Frantically Working

I would be frantically working on anything and everything in hopes of getting paid for something, anything before Friday. I would be so broke that I literally can not pay attention. There are always extra bills at the end of the year but this year they seem to be taking more of a toll than they usually do. I need to get gas to take the kid to therapy and replenish her supplements. That’s going to be tricky, gas is over $3 a gallon. I have $5 and a quarter of a tank of gas. You tell me is this going to work for five days of therapy?? I think not.

I’ll have a whole $17 on Friday minimum and while that’s better than nothing I fear that it is far from enough. I really should write a book or something. I started to type up some things that I had written so that I can edit them and turn them into short stories but I’m afraid that some of them were too painful and I had to stop typing them up to prevent myself from crying. Well, this isn’t doing anything but complaining so I’ll be getting back to work. Yes, I know I have more blogs to update but that can be done tonight and during my breaks today. I have to work furiously to make things improve and that is just what I intend to do.


OK I’m stalled in the middle of a project. What was originally 15 rewrites turned into 20 no problem. Problem, I have the first ten complete and they have yet to send the last ten. What is going on? I have no idea. My other regular client apparently does not realize a week has already passed or she is still adjusting to the new school year. I got invited to bid on a job but the buyer has only posted seven and three of those are in dispute. I can’t find a suitable sample so I’ll have to write one out real quick if I decide to pursue this opportunity but I can’t afford for it to be in dispute I need the money so I’m considering declining the invitation and just write some of my own things.

I have a dollar in my savings and my bills are more than normal for October but somehow I’ll manage. I do believe that I still have time to be all right provide I keep working steadily. I recently deactivated my Facebook account for a while so that I would not be so distracted which is about to kill me. I never realized how dependent I was on that interaction during the work day. I will working on updating blogs today and writing a few articles of my own while I clean my house. I seem to have a lot to do.

Not going so well

OK the new work system won’t work for me and the amount of money that I need isn’t the amount that I’m going to be making. At least it’s not looking like it is at this point and time. I have no idea what to do since this stress is making me sick. That’s just what I need a trip to the doctor at $100 upfront because I don’t have insurance at the moment. Funny thing is that if I could afford the insurance I wouldn’t need it because that’d mean that I could afford the visit to the doctor’s office. DUH!

OK let’s see, Theresa has been out of fish oil for a couple of months because I keep forgetting to order it. I have a half of a tank of gas to get her to two appointments and the holiday visits until the next payday. Not looking good. The only bright spot is that the cable and Internet special aren’t up yet so I don’t have to disappoint the kid just yet by getting rid of the shows that teach her on demand. 

I figure that if I work seven days a week every available hour for a few months I should have it all figured out. OK the kid is destroying her packaging for one of her gifts which means that she won’t have anything to put her stuff in before long. I’m still working on getting rid of the things we don’t need and putting the things we can use where they can be found. Not buying things we don’t actually need should save some money. OK I’ve got work to do so I’ll be going for now.

One more payment coming, I think

Well, Helium’s recent changes are a bit annoying except for the twice a month payday. At the end of the month I’ll have at least the minimum $25 to request it maybe a tad more. That’ll cover one of my phone bills next month. Now to figure out how to cover the other one and everything else.

I guess that the rest of this month is going to be spent working since we have appointments just like it was any other time of year. I also have to figure out just how much work I have to do in order to get by. This is gonna be the most depressing thing I do this year.

The good news is that my kids have some form of Christmas. I guess in a couple years I can introduce them to homemade gifts. OK I’m exhausted so I’ll be going. The worst news is that the grocery budget for the upcoming year is up in the air.

Almost all the bills are paid!

Well, almost all of the bills in my name anyway! I have to payout $20, $21.80 and $21.80 the rest of this month. I’ve still got to buy the fish oil however. I keep forgetting. The rest of my bills total $ $63.60! That’ll leave a little bit of money to get the girls Christmas and Theresa’s birthday present. I’m thinking we’ll skip the party again this year. It’s a hassle and we have therapy the 23rd so I won’t have all the time off that I thought I would. Oh well, I can still get plenty of housework and work work done during the time we do have off.

Tomorrow we go to the grocery store. I got paid a day early and we need food. Not to be rude but if I got rid of the overgrown toddler I’d spend 1/4 of what I spend now and have enough groceries to last the month in one trip. I’ve got to pick up a couple bars of Octagon to have on hand for when I need to make more laundry soap, I think I’ll get a bar of Zote to mix with it. That’s only $3 less if I go to two different stores to get the soap. http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=workinga-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B000RJEDWK&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr

I think that I’ll go get a pick 6 meat for $19.99 and a few vegetables. I’ll get the baby some milk, snacks and a bit of frozen juice maybe. She likes kool-aid. I got her pull-ups and some more wipes today so I don’t have to buy them tomorrow. I do have to pack her bag with the juice and chocolate gold fish so I don’t spend money on snacks while we’re out. I think I’ll buy myself another bottle to take with us when we’re out. I need a water bottle for the fridge so that I can stop running water into a glass every time I want some.

The splurge I want is a new flavor cartridge for the filter. I need a new water filter for the sink so I can actually drink the water that comes out of it. I don’t like water and my flavor cartridge keeps me from buying flavored bottles. OK I’m tired so I’ll be going for today.

Can’t budget without all the facts

Well, I keep saying I’m going to redo my budget but I can’t. I don’t have all the facts of my budget at the moment. There are changes to it right now that I can’t get until later in the month and next month. The best that I can do is to estimate them as best I can. I know about how much money I have coming in on a regular basis now I have to figure out how much more I need to come in.

What are the bills that I know each month?

Debt $20.00 (it’s gonna take a while to pay off at that rate but that’s fine to)
My phone $21.80 (can be reduced if I think hard enough)
Hubby’s phone – undecided at the moment it’s gonna be a while before it’s put back in the regular bills
Cook’s pest control – $33.00 (could cancel but then I’d have to deal with wasps and things myself, not sure about that)
that’s $74.80 if I could leave it at that then I’d be doing flips.

The co-pay for ABA therapy is $3 a week, that’s not much only $12 to $15 a month which isn’t bad considering that the full cost of the therapy is $55 an hour. The light bill is being figured again and I should have the new monthly budget amount about the middle of the month so that I can figure that into my budget. Then there are Theresa’s supplements and her diet, the food is a bit expensive but she does great on it.

How much are Theresa’s supplements every month? I have no idea how much they average out to; I just know they help her so I buy them. I think I figure it out though, well when I have all of them and the prices in front of me. Of course I’d also have to have her doses in front of me to figure it out, the best I can do at the  moment since they just increased is to get myself a rough estimate.

She has one vitamin C tablet a day which is $7.50 for 100 tablets or $14.75 for 250 tablets. The larger bottle works out a quarter cheaper than the smaller bottle. Which bottle depends on the budget that particular month since the drive to get it involves going farther than I would on a normal week. One pharmacy carries it or I can order it and pay shipping that’s more than the gas I use to go get it.

A bottle of her multivitamins is $14 for the chew-able and $16 for the capsules that are easier to get in her. They last two months when she takes them like she’s supposed to which makes the average cost $7 to $8 a month which isn’t too bad.

The fish oil is cheaper to order online and have delivered to the house. A 4oz bottle is $35.96 and a 8oz bottle is $62.53. The 8oz actually lasts all month and part of the next month. One 8oz works out cheaper than 2 of the 4oz.

Complete Powder is $35 for a month supply. That’s a big savings over the 4 bottles of HLC at $38 each she was going through because of the dose.

75 days worth of calcium powder is $13.

OK this is getting to be rather confusing. I need to sit down with all the supplements and the costs then average them out by the month to get a true picture of the monthly expenses once again. I know how much money I have for groceries each month now it’s time to make the amount I spend on them match that.

It’s also time to get back to work.

Not very productive

I managed to write two new articles today and make a list of six to try and write tomorrow. I started an article this morning. I think I managed to get half way through before I left it and went to write something else. Of course since it’s so close to Christmas all the articles that I picked for tomorrow are related to the holiday. I chose some that are dated but once I write those I’ll find some that aren’t.

I’m looking at the empty and popular titles to see where I want to write. I think I’ll do a few diary pages at wikinut this weekend. I can break the week up into individual pages. Today Theresa has a schedule change that she took well so I can write about that.

I’ll be redoing the budget tonight and tomorrow. This month saw a $320 light bill and over $100 in doctor’s bills for my eye that weren’t planned for. I’ve got to pay $53 next month that wasn’t in the budget. I’m not sure but I think my auto insurance is due next month. Instead of paying it off for the next six months I’ll be paying it by the month because I can’t come up with the entire amount. I have to get brakes on my truck too.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get brakes. I just know the last estimate was about $250. I think I’ll start hiding some cash until I have enough to replace them. Well, it’s time to go ramble about Theresa’s day and then call it a night.