it’s just not the same

OK so I decided to take today off and not go to therapy with Theresa. Instead I sent her daddy and it just wasn’t the same. First Theresa made me feel guilty that I wasn’t going by coming to my desk, taking my hands and saying “come on, let’s go bye-bye” and she wasn’t done with the guilt trip yet. When I went to lock the door behind them she opened the door so that I could come outside with them. I had to walk her to the car and strap her in the car seat. Now keep in mind her daddy was teasing me because he was ready to go without running around disoriented trying to find things at the last minute………it’ll be funny in a few minutes.

While they were gone I cut some more grass with an easy walk mower. I didn’t get a lot of grass cut compared to the size of the yard but I’m proud that some of the wild flowers that were making my sinuses act up are gone, and in the morning provided the ground is dry enough I’ll be cutting more. I came inside, washed up and mixed the muffin mix. While the oven preheated I got everything together for my bath. I went back put the muffins in the pan and set the timer for twenty minutes. I managed to take a bath and get dressed before the buzzer went off! Good timing.

At a little before 3:30 I began to worry about speech and the fact I hadn’t went. Well, I was coming out of the back when they got home and I was asking about Theresa’s day when I suddenly realized she didn’t have any pants on. When I asked why her daddy told me it was because there weren’t any in her bag. Ha! Ha! Just proves that nothing is done the same if mommy doesn’t do it.