Thank heavens it’s Friday

Well, it’s Friday and I’m incredibly thankful! At least that the week is ending and we don’t have to worry with transportation issues until Monday. This morning hubby will be home in time to transfer the car seat to his car so that Theresa and I can take it to therapy this morning, we’ll be back in plenty of time to stop and get cat food for those two pesky critters. $1 will get a small box to last until Wednesday when he gets paid.

Out of his paycheck we have to get a few things taken care of. The first is a money order for $55 so that his child support is paid for one week. Then I have to add arrears to the $610 so that I keep up with it. I have no idea how much my back brakes are going to be I just know I can’t get them for a while. This means that Monday’s my husband has to drop us off at therapy and pick up up. He may have to start going with us the rest of the week except for Fridays.

I was enjoying reading Wife No. 19 at my leisure as I worked, now I’ll be reading one or two pages a day and moving on. I’m a hundred or so pages into it and it’s a rather interesting read so far. Well that’s it for today. You can see for yourself if you’d like to read about this woman’s rather interesting life.