Exhausted in Time for the Weekend

Lovely, it’s only Thursday. I finished the first seven of twenty articles due the 7th today so I could get the rest of them to write. The short kid has been having tantrums in an effort to get her way and there are those that believe watching a child is nothing more than laying down and yelling for them as they do what they aren’t supposed to be doing. Lovely indeed.

I’ll end up working through the weekend which is fine I guess but I really wanted to rest. I need to cut grass but I have to get the rest of what I need before I get gas for the lawnmower and I’m surrounded by idiots. This is lovely. I don’t know what I did to attract them but I wish that force would cause them to flock to me would send them hurling into space.

Wednesday my ABA therapist dropped a bomb on me. Her husband joined the military and goes to basic training in a few months. That means that sometime in the future they could be transferred out; this means that we would lose ABA services at that time. (Long story.) In the meantime I would be trying to find time enough to discuss with the aid I want little bit to have in the school system if it would be possible for not only to be her aid but to follow her though the school system.

Well, stress is calling. Have a nice night.

Numbness has Set In

In the middle.

My beautiful blond haired, blue eyed angel is in the middle of it all whether we put her there or not. I look at that tiny face so innocent, still untouched by the world and want to cry. This when I am thankful for Autism. She has not once expressed an doubt or questioned why her daddy is not here. I’m not sure why but instead of making it easier it makes it harder. I mean I know she loves her daddy so I can’t help but wonder if the Autism is what is preventing her from asking about him.

She is what held us together for so long.  A determination that she have two parents. He loves that little girl I know that. I just hope he remembers to visit with her the way he did when his oldest daughter was little. She is almost 19 years old and still prefers her daddy. That says something right?

Working Out The Budget

At the moment the budget looks bleak. I can not focus to work but I am working out the details of a new project to begin in January. Well, that takes care of some of the burden but what about the rest of this month. I do not celebrate Christmas but my children do. They both have birthdays this month as well. I do not have the money for gifts so the oldest is getting something homemade. The youngest I have no idea what to make her. She is too young for what I plan to make for the oldest.  At least most of the bills are paid this month. My Internet will only be off for a couple of weeks if I do not pay that bill. At least it’s prepaid so there will not be two months to pay when I get the money in my hand to pay it.

Where is he?

I am concerned for my soon to be ex-husband. He has family and while his step mother is attempting to come up with the money to help him get brakes he has no where to go but to the shelter. It seems that his father will not offer him a roof, I have no idea about the aunts that he has in area.

My Nerves

I am wondering how bad my nerves are at this point. I mean I haven’t driven my own Rodeo in around a year. Everything tearing up