Worried About Expenses

It’s not my immediate expenses that I’m worried about but the ones that I have coming up in just a couple of months because I have no idea how to cover them. August starts in another week and the tag on my truck is due, the front of the car is shaking something awful. I have to get that fixed and the front of the truck well that I’m told is my imagination so I really need to start driving it again.

When I drive the truck I can make a tank of gas last a month just going to therapy and back. That’s pretty good considering it only gets fifteen miles to the gallon. The big problem is that my light bill is consistently over the amount set for budget billing. Right now I’m looking at having a $200 overage. That means I’ll have approximately a $300 to $400 bill at least the month the overage plus the actual bill is due. I’m going to do.

At the moment I have $6 to make it until the end of the month and I wouldn’t have that if I hadn’t put some things on hold. Well, I’ll be going I can’t earn any money to help me out of this bind if I don’t get to work. Today I have to take our house guest to meet her mother so she can go home and Theresa has two therapy sessions that are an hour apart so I may just take my computer so that I can work while we’re there.