Making up for time off

Today is not a rather productive day so far. I managed to complete one article and begin another one. So today’s total so far is $2.50 provided I keep my writing percentage up to earn that if not it’s a $2 day so far. I figured out that I’m way behind on my earnings for December already but I think I figured that out too.

The earnings for the month of December are already pretty much set so there’s nothing to do except write some articles to other sites for upfront payments. I have to write everyday to make up for the time off that I took the last few months. There are some adjustments that I have to make to my schedule because of the increased amount of time we’ll be at the clinic for therapy. Little things like taking paper to figure the budget and updating my diary so that I can type those up at wikinut as diary pages to earn from the page views.

If I can manage to come up with enough items to review that I can get $20 I’ll be up to the $50 for payout at Review Stream. I’m hoping to get enough before the end of December. My three girls are each getting Christmas and the two with birthdays will get presents too. That’s five gifts, one for each girl, one for each occasion. I’ll be testing the “review anything and get paid” theory a great deal this month. I know food reviews, people reviews and product reviews are excepted but what else can I review. People reviews only get about $0.50 each so that’d be about twenty people to review. I know a couple of people I can write reviews of today, I can write one on my pets as well. That’ll just leave a lot of work to earn a little bit of money for payout. I think I can manage to get it down to writing a few reviews in an hour each day.

Well, I’m not earning anything by sitting here thinking about what I should do so I think it’s time to go back to work for the day.